Raising the Bar: 1912 Ocean Bar & Rooftop

Words by Amiyah Golden


The breeze of the Atlantic Ocean is just one of many sensory components to your experience at 1912 Ocean Bar & Rooftop.


With a plethora of menu options including tapas, as well as a raw bar that embraces local seafood, 1912 is Jacksonville’s newest hotspot for feasting and fellowship with friends, new and old alike. Located at the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, 1912 provides a stunning view of the skyline and the waves meeting right at the cusp, wherever you sit, you will be met with an idyllic view. 


Making sure no stone was left unturned when it came to details, manager Todd Hickey and his team prioritized creating a space for diners that highlighted the connection between food and nature. 


With the installment of innovative technology, 1912 included a system called nanowalls, allowing for anl fresco dining experience. Nanowalls allow the wall unit to completely open up, allowing you to enjoy the elements while eating fresh seafood and sipping on refreshing cocktails. 


If you’re not feeling the Florida climate that day, no worries because 1912 has taken that into account as well, providing an indoor dining option as well. 


1912 doesn’t just provide guests with the aesthetics. It also surpasses expectations when it comes to the food and drinks. 


For all my seafood cynics, don’t worry 1912 has got you covered with the options of “fire breads” out of their very own pizza ovens, an array of assorted hand-picked meats and cheeses from their “butcher block” and their unique takes on some familiar bites off from their starters menu. 


Oh, and for the vegans and vegetarians out there, they also kept you in mind with their very own vegan meatloaf that incorporates an heirloom tomato sauce, crispy onions, charred vegetables and pickled lima beans over roasted smashed fingerling potatoes. 


With no expense spared, 1912’s cocktail program allows for the immersion into fusions of some classic cocktails, along with some new signature creations on behalf of general manager Asia Owens and the talented bartenders at 1912. Hickey highlighted some notable drinks such as the A1A Margarita which incorporates freshly squeezed citrus blends of lemon, lime and orange juice, as well as a Bourbon Smoke that features hand-selected bourbon from Buffalo Trace. 1912 also highlights Eagle Rare bourbon. Mixing bitter pineapple, cherry smoked wood and their very own bitters, it’s a unique experience sipping bourbon that’s smoked right in front of you. For those seeking something sweeter, Rose Colored Glasses — grapefruit, rose botanical vodka, Campari, lemon garnish and an edible flower — should hit the spot.


The bar has also partnered up with local brewery Intuition Ale Works to create an exclusive beer called The Waverly, a light Czech pilsner with notes of lemon.


Although Sawgrass is known for accommodating a certain type of clientele, Hickey made it known that 1912 is for everyone. There is no fancy dress code or elite status that you have to possess to dine here. All you need is a hungry belly to come and partake. 


For all the locals, make sure you include 1912 in your future staycation plans, and for all those visiting, keep this rooftop restaurant on your list of places to nosh at.