Podcast Picks

Words by Su Ertekin-Taner

Completely Booked: 


“Folio” is completely hooked on the Jacksonville Public Library’s official podcast, “Completely Booked”! On this bimonthly podcast, Jacksonville’s chroniclers, thriller authors, cookbook creators, biographers, queer historical fiction writers, poets, romance novelists and wordsmiths gather for a recorded tete-a-tete with a cute and snappy name — Lit Chat or Teen Lit Chat for the library’s teenage audience — with other Jacksonville-based writers. As the equally cute and snappy synthesizer-based introductory music fades, I ready myself for some literary shop talk among the stacks. 


I peruse the episode library as I would a conventional library, scanning for familiar last names and enticing genres. I’m indecisive as always, lost in the neverending catalog and choosing between Lit Chats with featured names like cookbook author Chef Dennis Chan, graphic novelist Leela Corman, producer and author Nikesha Elise Williams, chronicler of Jacksonville history Wayne W. Wood, debut novelist Valerie Bowman and even poet Jessica Q. Stark featured in a past Su’s Summer Books article. 


I listen to the jacket cover sound bites of the episode — when the interviewing author asks about the featured author’s written inspiration, writing and publishing process, surrounding writing community and specialized genre. While the saying cannot be universally applied, more means more when it comes to featuring Jacksonville’s storytellers. That is to say, when two authors are put into conversation with one another, there is twice as much to learn … more editorial and publishing stories to share, more earnest, empathetic responses and more juicy insights into the author’s life. For an after-podcast bonus, find a featured author’s book in the Jacksonville Public Library’s collection.


Whether you’re a publishing fanatic, local author, aspiring writer or casual reader, get ready to be completely booked (for an hour, at least) when Completely Booked releases its bimonthly episodes. 


Listen to “Completely Booked” on the Jacksonville Public Library’s official website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Listen Notes, YouTube, RadioPublic, Player FM, iHeart, and Luminary Podcasts and other streaming platforms.


OG Sessions:


You ask and “Folio” delivers or, rather, you tag a podcast in our Instagram comments, and we check it out. We found this next podcast pick floating somewhere in our social media cosmos. After some light social media stalking/surveying — whichever noun you prefer —we were invested in weekly podcast “OG Sessions” hosted by entrepreneur Nick Usher.  


Established in December 2021, “OG Sessions” features 30- to 60-minute episodes with local artists, actors, entrepreneurs, and public figures like hip-hop artist Reecie Montana, UFC fighter Trey Waters, Upland Clothing Co. owner Jesse Ferrell, R&B singer Ebonique, Jacksonville Jaguars creative content manager Devin Carvajal and painter Aristide Pinto. Even some featured “Folio” alums like podcaster-comedian Bobby Brown Jr. and “SoulHood” actor Broadway Louie have joined Usher on the podcast. 


With every guest and every episode, Usher digs into a niche for the day. Usher relives a musical artist’s excitement about their most important performance, questions the root of an entrepreneurial endeavor and the life of the entrepreneur before their newfound profession. He inquires about an artist’s distinct artistic process and investigates the logistics of how a photographer connects with big name brands. And as always, the host talks game with his guests. Not the Monopoly or hunting kind of game, but the financial and professional kind. 


What makes Nick Usher an OG in the Jacksonville community is not only the quality or diversity of the guests. Usher also builds a bona fide familiarity with his guests. While Usher is a researched interviewer with the eloquence of a host and the curiosity of a fan, his “interviews” always transcend investigations. They are flavorful conversations that allow listeners insight into two notable Jacksonville figures (Usher and his guest) rather than one. So, enjoy a hearty conversation, find and try a new passion on for size, talk a little shop and explore the multifacetedness of the Jacksonville community with OG Sessions.


Listen to OG Sessions on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Listen Notes, Podbay, YouTube, Stitcher and other streaming platforms.


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Jacksonville native Su Ertekin-Taner is a student at Columbia University with a passion for everything arts. While she writes creatively, satirically, journalistically, and enthusiastically (of course), she also loves to sing, dance, and do impressions; her favorites are Toddlers and Tiaras Mom and Shakira. Find Su critiquing the quality of reality TV that she willingly spends several hours a day watching, petting her cat even though she recently discovered her cat allergy, and probably watching paint dry because it's fun.