New Music September

Sept. 1


Puma Blue 

Described as, “the chronicle of the graciousness within death and rebirth,” UK artist, Jacob Allen, known best by his alias, Puma Blue is sure to entice listeners with his new project, “Holy Waters.” This comes after his 2021 release “In Praise of Shadows” which garnered uplifting reviews. 


With quoted musical inspiration from artists, Jeff Buckley and Bjork, this album is sure to dig deep into the soul. Exploring grief in the ways he knows best – through sound. “[Allen] looking each face of grief in the bloodshot eye.” This album is “a gentle affirmation to himself, to the listener, at an album’s close, to keep going.” Although this album has been detailed as Allen’s darkest project yet, there is still a glimmer of light exhibited as “it seems to find Puma Blue in a better place than ever.” 


With the inclusion of recordings from his live band, Holy Waters is credited as, “more analogue and experimental than his previous works.” 


Allen’s sound is unique and dynamic. With influences of jazz, lo-fi, R&B, and more, this multifaceted artist is able to transport you through a realm of inner exploration. 


The Paper Kites 

“At the Roadhouse” is the sixth studio album from the Australian indie band The Paper Kites. With this collective creating music that resides in my “romanticizing my future life” playlist, their new album is sure to provoke the imminent feeling of delightful pleasure. 


The 16-track album is filled with, “emotionally charged [songs] with the tradition of storytelling.” 


I’m anticipating nothing less than descriptive narratives that resonate with the listeners regardless of familiarity (just because they are truly that good at setting the scene.)



After six years of silence from the UK band, they have finally graced us with their fifth studio album, “Everything is Alive.” Personally speaking, after hearing the release of their single, “The Slab,” I’m beyond ecstatic to hear the rest of this project. 


The merging of production and the live instruments creates an evocative soundscape, transporting me far beyond my wireless headphones. I’m not surprised as Slowdive has always been a heavy hitter for me: constantly creating timeless music, carved from intentions of passion and existence. 


Sept. 8 


Olivia Rodrigo 

The rising pop star has announced the release of her sophomore album, “Guts” with early releases of singles, “Vampire” and “Bad Idea Right?” Both hint at an upbeat teen angst project.  


I’m curious to see how “Guts” will compare to Rodrigo’s stellar “Sour” album, which received well-deserved love. 


Her single “Vampire” has hit number one on Billboard’s Hot 100.


Guts also comes with plans for a tour. “I wrote the album with a tour in mind,” said Rodrigo. “They’re all songs I wanted people to be able to scream in a crowd.” 


With Rodrigo being known for her buoyant sound and her hard-hitting storytelling, I’m excited to see what coming-of-age sagas Rodrigo will reveal with “Guts.”


Sept. 15 


Teddy Swims 

R&B powerhouse Teddy Swims releases his debut full-length album “I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy” this September. 


I remember hearing his single “Lose Control” from the anticipated album in my dance class one night and was absolutely enamored with the lyricism, grit and raw emotions displayed through the song. It sent me on a deep spiral into Swims’ discography. 


It’s rare to find music in today’s age that holds longevity but with Swims, insane vocal abilities and poetic lyrics, he’s one to watch out for.