Lets Be Real

Words by Amiyah Golden 


As a blossoming 21-year-old, my post-college fears aren’t limited to career options or how much my first month’s deposit will be — but the overwhelming fear of finding … adult friends. 




I’m curious as to how my mom made friends as an emerging young adult, 20 years ago, and let’s just say times were different. People existed in reality. They went out, they connected with similar hobbies, and they had the gift of… gab? Interactions were far more personal and personable than they are today.


Although I’m fortunate enough to have found friends throughout college, many of my friends and I are approaching the day we begin to plan the rest of our lives. With that comes the possibility of us separating and starting anew, and with that comes the daunting search to establish a new circle of confidantes.


So, I hate to say it but maybe some of my teachers were on to something with creating uncompromising seating charts that resulted in some impactful friendships.


Sadly, we don’t have the luxury of free matchmaking on behalf of our teachers anymore… or do we? 


Jacksonville is a huge city filled with various subcultures of hobbies, entertainment, cuisine, you name it, and as the city continues to grow, more recreational groups are starting to form, which is great (especially for those of us who are extremely socially awkward and terrified of taking the first step)


Local social collectives, like Sunday Social and Jax Social Group, have now become the middleman in your search for friends. 


With both groups garnering a social media presence through Instagram reels and some fun group photos that I want to be a part of, they are a great segway into launching into Jacksonville’s adult scene.  


Now, you’re probably thinking…. I do not want to frequent another beach bar or nightclub. I know… I get it. That is why you have to check out these two groups!


Sunday Social, for example, hosts events like adult arts and crafts, paint and sips, and cocktail hours. You’re sure to emerge into an environment of fellow individuals embracing their creative side (or discovering that they even have one) and mingle amongst people in a thoughtfully curated space.


Now, if the idea of going to an event is a bit too intimidating right now, Sunday Social serves as a great directory, by providing a list of “hidden gems” in the Jacksonville area. Whether that’s highlighting local restaurants or mentioning the super fun silent discos hosted during Art Walk and other events, it is an accessible way to unearth some stowed-away activities. 


Sunday Social is not the only group that generates events in the Jacksonville community, however. 


Jax Social Group is a Facebook network that provides consistent events such as beach volleyball, cocktail hours, parties and professional networking events. With people joining from various different cultures, careers, and backgrounds, this group caters to local residents who want to meet unique individuals and build up their contacts. 


So, take a risk. Go mingle and have a drink or show your competitive side in some beach fun. 

We live in a beautiful city with numerous beautiful people. Log off Bumble BFF and unplug from your parasocial relationships. I hope to see you at one of these events, dancing the night away or embodying the spirit of Bob Ross. 


To check out future events, check out Sunday Social at instagram.com/withsundaysocial and Jax Social Group at facebook.com/jaxsocialgroup.