A Reflection of Royalty: The Couple Who Captivates With Their New Project, Colors

Words by Amiyah Golden

Local Jacksonville duo, Bright Purpel is a new emerging duo that you need to look out for (I mean it… I’m trying to keep you ahead of the curve here!) With songs like ‘LaLa’ that literally embody… sunshine, Bright Purpel keeps me on my toes through their upbeat sound and their immense talent – separately and collectively. 


The collaboration is made up of artists Kaylin Peavie, also known by her stage name K.utie, and Jeremy Bracken who goes by the moniker, Jeremy Ryan.


Although the two are paired as a dynamic blend, both are individual performers in their own right. Having started off their careers as soloists, the twain aren’t new to the spotlight. Kutie has multiple singles that feature an upbeat, groovy sound and an EP, that highlights her range; and Ryan with an extensive discography that shows off the scale of his artistry. The two come together to present their dynamic debut album, ‘Colors.’ 


I talked to K.utie and Ryan about the inspiration behind their first joint project.


“This was not planned.” both chimed together. 


Colors was recorded and written in just three days, as the result of the two exploring music as they usually did.


“We wanted to show different sides of our artistry,” said K.utie “But it wasn’t planned that way. We were just listening to beats and creating and listening to songs in different genres…and it just worked out.”


The album name was inspired after the two envisioned their work through the lens of a painting.


“We had a canvas and we were closing our eyes and [asking] what’s going to speak?” said Ryan. “With having colors, or like having a Crayola box, you have different shades that show different sides of you.” 


With the two now being keyholders to this seven-track masterpiece, they knew they had to release it.


With an album now in play, the two now needed a name… something strong… something unique. Something like… Bright Purpel.


K.utie expressed how the name materialized. 


“Purple means royalty and we uphold ourselves as [kings] and queens. Bright came from our intellect. We always say to each other ‘From genius to genius’ and we shine. We hope everyone sees our light.” 


As many struggle to break through in the music scene – and are unfortunately unsuccessful, the two have continued to strategically set themselves up for longevity; with imaginative music videos, distinctive sound, and the ability to produce their own music. 


“I record everything myself,” said Ryan “I brought my own mic, laptop, and program. I’m able to do thousands of songs to tighten what works and what doesn’t.” 


Talent can only get you so far but, having an additional dedicated work ethic, brews for the perfect storm of achievement.


Although fame would be an added bonus, it’s not the proprietary fuel behind their artistry.

The two strive for the ability to turn their passion into their sole careers – with financial freedom following closely behind. 


“I want to just be able to wake up and create music for a living,” exclaimed K.utie.


With dedicated listeners and warm embraces from the Jacksonville art scene, Bright Purpel is well on their way to reaching their goals.


“The support itself is at an all-time high,” said Ryan. “For us to be able to have our own individual listeners and then combine that, was really a true blend of having our fans [come together.]”


Although the two didn’t have plans to form a group initially both citing that, “none of [this] was planned,” The collaboration was inevitable, as K.utie had been acting as background vocals in many of Ryan’s songs and Ryan vice versa. 


The synergy they formed when combining forces, was a chemistry unmatched. 


What also makes this duo unique is their interpersonal connection to each other. 

The two have been in a relationship for a few years now after meeting at their Corporate America job and bonding over their love for music. 


“We met in 2018 while working in the same group at work,” said K.utie. “We became friends and then we found out we both make music.”


Ryan then invited K.utie to an event he was hosting at the time, Waves – a showcase for local artists created by Ryan.


K.utie was one of the first artists that Ryan booked for one of his first shows. Many studio sessions and countless happy hours later, the two found themselves extremely fond of each other, blossoming into a beautiful connection that is still holding strong today. 


While the Jacksonville artists are known for their musical capabilities, they refuse to confine themselves to the box that encapsulates them strictly as musicians. With both being featured in short films and Ryan recently creating an anthropology mini-series, both are well on their way to becoming superstars. 


Their dire love for the arts beacons through every song, every film, and every interaction. With inspiration from names such as Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and Will Smith, the two continue to work to establish a brand unique and authentic to themselves while still looking up to these legends. 


Although confident enough, I can say the two will not be looking up for long, as they will be staring at a reflection that parallels their future successes as they continue to cultivate their craft. 


Make sure to check out Bright Purpel’s newest project, Colors and their individual discographies through the links below. 


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Jeremy Ryan

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