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Hot Male Ginger

To the ginger who I briefly locked eyes with at the photo booth at Tavern on 1st Street: I think I drunkenly called you cute but I had to re-emphasize my affection in this post. Hopefully, fate allows us to meet again … at the same photo booth? 


Surfer Boy of My Dreams

Tall and blond. Long shaggy hair. The best physique I’ve seen in a long time. I was napping on Jax Beach that day and was awakened by the bright sun and there you were standing in its glow. I gasped a bit because you were truly something out of my dreams. The perfect surfer boy.


Will You Do My Finances?

To the “finance bro” catching a quick bite at James Weldon Johnson Park: not only did your perfectly tucked shirt catch my eye but, your beautiful smile gave me butterflies – or maybe I was hungry – that’s beside the point. I hope the next time I see you, I’m confident enough to approach you but, don’t smile because I will scurry away. 


Tall. Brunette. Necklace. Babe

They were wearing all black and had a necklace on. We were both at one night stand taco and I was wearing white vans, shorts, and a hoodie.


Mysterious Man Behind the Sunglasses

At Gate A6 in the Jacksonville airport, I spotted an attractive face hidden behind thick black shades. Who wears sunglasses inside an airport? His white t-shirt, light blue jeans, and white shoes pulled off the perfect relaxed-but-put-together vibe for this stranger. I, the dirty blonde with green eyes in green pants and a white sweatshirt, looked and smiled at you and was returned with a head nod.


Question: Can we meet up on purpose?

A couple weeks ago, I was at Dos Gatos standing at the bar waiting for my check. It was trivia night, and I overheard you answering every single question. When I turned around and saw you, I was immediately smitten. We chatted for a second, but I had to leave. If I have to go to trivia every week until I run into you again, Ron/Rob/whatever-your-name-is in the blue baseball cap, I will. Now what’s YOUR answer.


TP hoarder at Roosevelt Publix

You: teal Jags shirt, black workout shorts, bald, about 6 feet tall, carrying the biggest pack of toilet paper I’ve ever seen outside of a Costco. Me: short brunette with ponytail wearing a blue Braves shirt who made some lame joke about the TP shortage being over, and you actually laughed. Now what happens?


Circle K Love Story

We’ve seen each other before. You: tall, dark and handsome. Me: Green eyes, brown hair and busty. You seem to frequent the Circle K on A1A in Ponte Vedra Beach as we have crossed paths three times now. I sat patiently in my red tank top by gas pump #4 hoping you would catch my drift and walk over last Tuesday morning. Don’t let this be our last interaction. 


101 Dalmatians

Do you believe in love at first sight? Our dogs seem to think so. We locked eyes at Brew Hound Dog Park last Saturday as you and I were the only two with Dalmations. Our dogs seemed to hit it off, so why not us too? You know where to find me. 


Hotty with a body 

You: Tall, medium-length brown wavy hair with legs full of tattoos. Me: green eyes, long brown hair with a full sleeve. You helped me place weights on the squat machine last Thursday night. When I stumbled over my words, you gave me a sheepish smile and I fell in love (too soon?) I need a gym partner just as much as I need a life partner. Please tell me you’re single.