Dear Dumbs,

Dear Dumbs,

I really love your podcast. I now look forward to Monday, so thank you. Could you do a few more a week? That’s a serious question.

Now to my real question. I’m an attractive 45-year-old traveling nurse. I absolutely love my job, but the only way to make any money is to travel from town to town. I’ve found ways to enjoy that aspect, but it has taken a toll on maintaining any sort of lasting romantic relationship. I get asked out a lot and I do go. I’ve met some interesting men, but understanding the gravity of my situation I stop short of giving anyone my heart.

My question is this: At 45, do you think I am running out of time? Should I consider staying put in order to open myself up to the possibilities of love? When I listen to you it makes me want to find THAT guy. You are so fun and funny together and I really want that, so Terry if Shari ever leaves you …

So what do you think I should do, guys? 

Jodi W.
Panama City (for now) 

TERRY: Let’s answer your first question up front. Then I’ll start flirting with you.

SHARI: You’re just happy a 45-year-old likes your old ass.

TERRY: Yup. Busted. We would love to do more shows a week, but at Shari’s age, she just doesn’t have the energy and focus.

SHARI: LOL. Yes, that’s it. Actually, Jodi, we have been discussing more episodes.

TERRY: Yes, we have Jodi. We’re glad you like the show. We really like doing it.

SHARI: First off, thank you for what you do. We have friends who are traveling nurses and have heard all the horror stories. Bless your heart.

TERRY: I understand your thinking about how your age plays into this scenario, but I personally wouldn’t let that be the main issue.

SHARI: I agree. You’re young, let’s take that out of the equation. Even though you’re dating and having fun I kinda feel like you just haven’t met the right guy.

TERRY: 100% … When you meet someone who rocks your world, you’ll walk 100 miles on broken glass just to be with them. You should see Shari’s feet.

SHARI: Shut up.

TERRY: Some people think that magical feeling happens on the first date. In reality it may take you a long time to get to know the right guy. Make him work for it. Some guys may be taking advantage of your “in town for a few months” situation.

SHARI: Boys will be boys. But Terry is right. Try to find a way to weed those men out and give the more respectful guys some extra time. Those are the guys who are in it for the long haul.

TERRY: Plus, if you hit it off, then a lot of new doors open up with a crap load of exciting and scary decisions.

SHARI: That’s called living.

TERRY: Plus, I’m here to mend your shattered heart, if need be.

SHARI: Again, shut up, Dr. Terry. Remember, you’re in control of how this plays out. Let’s just say you meet the guy. It’s going to be long distance no matter what. If some dude quits his job to be with you, run away as fast as you can.

TERRY: To me.