August Horoscopes

By Ambar Ramirez and Carmen Macri



This August, Aries, the universe hands you a GPS for life. Expect detours and unexpected U-turns on your journey to success. Your impulsive nature might lead you into a few sticky situations, but remember, you’re the star of your own rom-com. Just make sure to watch out for banana peels; you don’t want your adventures to end on the floor.



The month of August looks good on you, Taurus. Or is that just a recent tan? Just as you’ve been spending time in the sun, you’ve been able to spend some much needed time with loved ones. And while Leo season has left you feeling energized and rejuvenated, there is no time like the present to put that energy to good use. Maybe throw a big end of the summer blow out party? I know, doesn’t sound like anything you would ever do but that’s the point. Change can be good, ya know. 



Ah, Gemini, your ability to multitask will be off the charts this month. You’ll talk, text and tweet all at once while trying not to trip over your own feet. Your social calendar will be so packed you’ll need a personal assistant just to keep up with yourself.



Let go and let life, Cancer. Control is so overrated, and you’ll find that letting nature take its course is much less stressful. Talking about stress, you might be finding yourself in awkward and, dare we say, stressful conversations. Whether its talk about work or taking a relationship to the next level, it’s best to stand your ground and be honest. And we’ll let you in on a little secret: Confidence is going to be your new best friend. 



Happy birthday, Leo! This August, you’ll have the charisma of a celebrity and the drama of a soap opera. Your self-confidence will skyrocket, but be careful not to become a diva. The world doesn’t revolve around you, even though you’d like it to.



Things are spinning, Virgo, and no, it’s not all the old fashioneds you drank, it’s your solar return! Spirits are high and you’re in the mood for a good celebration; after all, it’s you we are celebrating. But before you order the keg and put on the birthday hat, remember that it’s OK to do nothing at all. It’s your birthday so spend it how you want. But whatever you do (or don’t do), leave the birthday texts from toxic exes unread. 


Cue “Changes” from Charles Bradley because that song is about to be your August anthem, Libra. While you are all about balance, it seems that Virgo season has other plans for you. You will go from feeling very productive to very lazy, and when Mercury retrograde hits the same day we go into this new season, you’ll probably feel like punching a wall more than anything. Not to sound like a broken record, Libra, but it will be important to reflect this month and find balance within yourself. It’s OK to spend a day grinding, while its also OK to take breaks in between. 



Buckle up, Scorpio, because August brings an emotional rollercoaster ride. Your intensity will leave everyone wondering what plot twist you’ll come up with next. Your detective skills are top-notch, so consider a career as a private eye. But remember, sometimes snooping only hurts your own feelings. Put your partner’s phone down and go to sleep. 



Welcome back, Sagittarius! How was the three-week long vacation last month? Not enough adventure or relaxation? Can’t really blame you: It’s a part of your astrological make up. And who said vacations ever have to stop? Well, maybe your bank account is saying it has to stop but believe it or not, you can vacation right at home. Maybe pick up a new craft like crocheting or throw a pool party for one. You may wanna spend some time alone as Mercury retrograde is going to cause some turbulence. 



This month, Capricorn, you’ll be the workaholic wizard of the zodiac. Your determination is stronger than a superhero’s willpower, and you’ll conquer any challenge thrown your way. However, don’t let ambition turn you into a grumpy goat. Take a break and laugh at some goat memes. Even you need to relax, and maybe it’s time to try out that yoga class.



Have you had enough time pampering yourself, Aquarius? We sure hope so because the stars are definitely on your side, but they are not holding anything back. Especially on Aug. 28 when your ruling house Uranus goes retrograde, meaning you will be feeling quite rebellious. Let us offer you some advice: Instead of rebelling by breaking some rules and ensuing chaos, be rebellious by setting some boundaries. 



Oh, sweet Pisces, your imagination takes flight in August. Expect dreams so vivid, you’ll mistake them for reality. Your intuition will be on point, but don’t go predicting lottery numbers just yet. You might not always know where you’re going, but trust that you’ll end up in the right ocean.