Podcast Picks

Podcast Picks 


  1. Writer’s Block 


We start off our podcast picks satirically this time with humor-lifestyle-storytime podcast “Writer’s Block,” a show with, we think, a satirical name because the two hosts, Bobby Brown Jr. and Logan Butler, clearly show no signs of comedic blockage. We’re not only featuring “Writer’s Block” because they symbiotically featured “Folio”’s finest, Ambar and Carmen, on an episode, but also because of their quick-witted, rapid fire satire that accurately represents their setting and backgrounds: comedian Bobby Brown Jr. and co host/musical artist Logan Butler partner with Comedy Zone Jacksonville to present each gut hurting-ly hilarious episode. 


Each episode of the “poddy,” as Brown says, incorporates timely stories from Brown’s or Butler’s anecdote arsenal with their always-amusing spin or freestyled satirical songs. All episodes consistently include well-researched interviews with local and wider-reaching comics like Simul Martin, Comedian CP, Ambur James, Spencer Neal, Tony Roberts, Che Durena, Martin Rizo and Ali Siddiq. Of course, the presence of multiple comedians in a space makes for pyramiding jokes in 60- to 90-minute episodes. Gradually, “Writer’s Block” has become an online complimentary standup act. 


Yet, what I most enjoy about “Writer’s Block” is the unfiltered (i.e., adult), story content from Brown and Butler. Doesn’t everyone have a desire to consume raw, meaty, slightly embarrassing content? “The Writer’s Block” cohosts allow us to experience and reexperience theirs and others’ dilemmas with them, so there’s never a lull in this type of storytime material. Dating stories, stage performance stories, area-coded stories, new takes on popular news: Whatever the topic, I’m listening to “Writer’s Block” to digest the issue with a bit of comedic spice. 


With banter enough for a 10-person conversation, the “Writer’s Block” co hosts never give us a dull moment. While the bi- or sometimes tri-monthly podcast has long passed 100 episodes, newer listeners can catch up with “Writer’s Block” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Listen Notes, TuneIn, Buzzsprout, Scribd, iHeart, Brown’s YouTube channel (@Maybe Bobby TV) and other streaming services.


  1. “Damsels Never Finish”


I chose this next podcast a bit more selfishly because its content caters to one of my niche, personal interests: romance books. While I’m not an avid romance reader — in fact, I prefer genres quite the opposite like science fiction — but I dabble in romance books and have found an outlet for my literary thoughts in the “Damsels Never Finish” podcast.


I click readily, hastily into an episode. A few seconds into this episode covering K. Loraine and Meg Anne’s “Rejection,” the lusty drum solo and bass-dominant introductory theme tells me we’ll definitely be talking romance books, specifically those of the sexy variety. Sure enough, an advisory proves my prediction right: “This podcast contains sexual content, strong language, and some compromising situations. Damsel discretion is advised.” 


Soon, lively conversation cuts off the sexy music. The “damsels” — Domonique, Brenda, Kat, Judith, Angel and Thea — begin discussing a monthly romance book selection. In their 1- to 2-hour episodes, our hosts cover both popular and lesser known romance titles including Jennifer L. Armentrout’s “From Blood and Ash,” Xiran Jay Zhao’s “Iron Widow,” Opal Reyne’s “A Soul to Keep” and Maeve Black’s “Stupid Cupid.” 


For each read, the damsels touch on an always-convoluted plot first, then each of the main characters, their relation to each other, dialogue and romance book tropes. The damsels don’t spare the listeners a holistic review of the romantic and scandalous. No dirty detail is left unvoiced, and risque is required. Even so, the damsels also don’t spare us listeners the cringe moments which, without fail, accompany the sexy scenes and book or character critiques.  Essentially, “Damsels Never Finish” is a spicy podcastified book club. For maximum engagement, listeners should read monthly romance book picks alongside the damsels. 


The episode wraps up with the same lusty bass and drum motif. While damsels may never finish, this podcast’s steamy discussion and hilarious scene breakdowns give me, the listener, ample literary satisfaction. 


Listen to this monthly adult podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Listen Notes, Podcast Addict, YouTube, Podbay, Deezer, Player FM, the Damsels Never Finish website and other streaming services.


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