August Horoscopes


The smell of sweet, sweet satisfaction is in the air, Aries. You worked hard and now it’s time to play hard — and just in time for the end of summer. The new moon in Virgo on August 27 will mark a significant turning point in your life. It is time to celebrate your achievements, so pop the bubbly!



Ah, dear Taurus, it’s time to brush off those stubborn horns and charge into August! Brace yourself for a month of surprises, but don’t worry: Your resistance to change will come in handy. As the planets dance around, they’ll inevitably mess with your routine and comfort zone. Embrace the chaos, though, because who needs stability, right? It’s not like you thrive on predictability or anything.



Saturn will begin its retrograde this August, Gemini, which is never good news. It is time to wear your big boy/girl pants and get to work. It has been a leisurely summer so far, but all of that is about to change. You may have felt yourself slipping behind in work and relationships, and this is the month to put in some work and make a change. 



It’s August, and you know what that means — time to unleash those emotions like a tidal wave! Get ready for a month of feels and mood swings that even the moon would envy. This month, your sensitivity levels will be off the charts. Just a gentle breeze might have you in tears, reminiscing about your childhood pet goldfish. Ride those emotional waves then like a true cosmic surfer. Just don’t forget to bring a box of tissues and some dramatic background music wherever you go. 



Uh oh … Expect an earnest conversation this August, Leo. The moon will be in your sign from Aug. 16-18. This is a sign of change and exploration. Your relationships may be feeling unsatisfactory as of recently, and what is the point of staying stagnant? You need to cut off what no longer serves you and spread your wings. 



Get ready for a month of impeccable planning and nitpicking that would make any perfectionist proud. Your analytical mind will be in overdrive, scrutinizing every little detail like a detective on a mission. Don’t worry; we all know you’re just trying to save the world with your color-coded to-do lists.



Well, well, Libra, August is upon us, and it’s time to put your indecisiveness to good use — or not, who knows? This month, you’ll find yourself dancing between choices like a squirrel on a caffeine high. Should you go left or right? Who cares! Life’s just a never-ending game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe for you! 



Relaxation is calling your name. You may be feeling restless, but enjoy it while it lasts for September will bring changes you may not be ready for. Take this time to better yourself; it’s no surprise that you have a short fuse. Use this downtime to connect with your emotions. No one likes a ticking time bomb. 



Dear Sagittarius, embrace your nomadic soul and let August be a whirlwind of adventures and escapades. After all, why settle down when you can roam freely like a wild stallion? Just remember, life is one big rollercoaster, so buckle up and enjoy the ride! Happy wandering.



Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. This will ring true for you this August. Not everything you put your heart to will turn into success, and that’s OK. Whether it be in your career or your personal relationships, try not to be so argumentative this month.



Get ready to turn heads with your quirkiness and leave everyone wondering, “What planet is Aquarius from again?” In social situations, you’ll be the rebel with a cause, challenging norms and conventions wherever you go. You’re not afraid to be the odd one out, and you wear your uniqueness like a badge of honor.



On Aug. 1 and 27, both the Sun and Saturn will enter retrograde in your sign bringing back stories from the past. That ex you thought you got rid of? Think again. Old friends and lovers alike will be knocking on your door all month long. It’s up to you whether you want to open up or slam it back in their face.