July Horoscopes

July 18, 2023
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July is a month of risk-taking for you, Aries. And there may be a surprise guest in this season of your life … maybe someone from your past? Be on the lookout for signs from the universe, whether angel numbers or literal signs on billboards. The stars are reaching out to you this month as it is a time of transformation. 



Feeling inspired, Taurus? When Virgo enters your fifth house of pleasure this month, not only will you dive into yet another creative hobby but things in the bedroom will heat up as well (wink, wink). But don’t get too distracted by the physical aspects of things, for when the new moon in Cancer hits on July 17, you will be forced to look within. 



Money, money, money, ain’t it funny? (Cue “Mama Mia” dance scene). When you think you have your finances in order, there always seems to be another bill that piles up. Well, you’re in luck this July because it seems the stars are aligning for long-term success in your financial sector. With the full moon passing in Capricorn on July 3, things will have shifted from stress to bliss.



Happy July, Cancer! I hope you’ve had your fun this past month with late nights and trying new makeup trends because the time to get serious is slowly (but surely) catching up. When Mercury enters Leo and your second house of possessions on July 11, those late night conversations will get trickier and, dare I say, confrontational. But do not fret, little crab: With your thick armor, you can handle any obstacle that comes your way.



The torch has been passed to you, Leo. Welcome to your month! Lucky for you, the stars are shooting you toward major career success. All that work is about to pay off for you, whether it be a creative project or a business adventure. The odds are in your favor this July.  



How has July been treating you so far, Virgo? Well … we hope. Good news for you, it’s only gonna get better! After having successfully filtered out those friendships that no longer serve you, it may feel as though a giant weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Take advantage of this newfound confidence and remember to use your powers for good.



Don’t you just love, love, Libra? How about platonic love? Your friends have been feeling a little neglected, and there is no time like the present to catch up on those unread messages (and actually reply to them). Actually, make sure to clear up your schedule on July 17 when the new moon in Cancer enters your 11th house of friendship. We sense a day filled with music, movie marathons and much catching up to do. 



Buckle up, Scorpio! And I quite literally mean “buckle up” because July will be a glorious month to travel far and wide. You are sick and tired of the mundane routine and rut you have found yourself in and desperately crave a break. Maybe July will be the month of your summer romance, “Mama Mia” style. 



Your flame burns bright, Sagittarius, but what’s the point if nobody gets burned by your touch (in a good way, of course)? Luckily for you, the time to celebrate your worth is coming in hot. And while you secretly enjoy being praised (don’t lie, we know), knowing your own worth is far more important. Take that as you will. 



How many times can the universe tell you to slow down and take a break before you actually listen? It is almost like the stars have been screaming at you to take a chill pill. It’s time to finally cooperate, Capricorn. As they say: let go and let god (or in this case, let the universe). It is time (again) to kick your feet up and relax. Take that PTO you have been saving for months. There is no better time than now. 



Get your agendas out, Aquarius! On July 22 Venus goes into retrograde, making conversations surrounding love and money feel like a dreadful task. But, as you do, ignore your problems and live in bliss. Maybe go on a wellness retreat? God knows you need it. 



The perpetual doom and gloom is over, Pisces! Thank the stars! July will prove to be a surprisingly gentle and easy month for you. No excitement can be a good thing, as you have come to learn. July opened up with a sweet full moon in Capricorn that seemed to smooth out the rough edges around you. Breathe it in; we know how the stars like to play with you. And enjoy it while it lasts. 

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