Combined Minds

Combined Minds


The girlies make their podcast debut


Words by Ambar Ramirez and Carmen Macri


Carmen: The day has finally come. Ambar and I recorded a podcast.


Ambar: Not just any podcast, but a local comedy podcast hosted and produced by Bobby Brown with co-host Logan Butler called “Writer’s Block.”


Carmen: Ha. Fitting. 


Ambar: Being that we are just so hilarious (note the sarcasm), it made perfect sense when Bobby reached out asking us to be featured on the pod. I mean who else do you know that constantly embarrasses themselves publicly? 


Carmen: I cannot express enough how much I hate public speaking. Let alone when there are bright lights on my face and a camera recording. I think I can speak for both of us when I say we had the meat sweats.


Ambar: Like the type of sweats that I had to look back at the couch to make sure I didn’t leave a stain. 


Carmen: Bobby and Logan made sure to make us as (un)comfortable as possible, giving us a few tips and talking points. But all that went out the window when Bobby pressed record. 


Ambar: At that moment my heart fell out of my butt, and there was no turning back. I also wasn’t aware that we would be wearing headphones to hear ourselves talk among each other. The thing I hate more than public speaking is actually being able to hear myself public speaking. 


Carmen: It definitely threw me off. As I was telling a story it was hard to not trip over my words since it sounded like I had an echo. But, other than that, things went pretty smoothly.


Ambar: Honestly, once we got past the whole introduction of the podcast, my nerves melted away and I could not stop talking. Who woulda thunk. 


Carmen: We talked about dreaming, ghosts, relationships, things we hate, things we love, you name it. At one point I blacked out and went on a tangent about men owning cats. I am still not sure exactly what I said so we will figure that out together.


Ambar: I also blacked out for that conversation. 


Carmen: Now that I think about it, I don’t really remember much. 


Ambar: I guess you’ll just have to listen to the podcast?


Carmen: I guess so! Click the link below to hear what we don’t remember talking about.