IntricatetheAlmighty: A Powerful Name to Live Up to but This Local Rapper Does Just That

Words and photo by Amiyah Golden


With lyricism that reflects life and a flow so fluid, IntricatetheAlmighty upholds the right to bear such a name. With an equally powerful birth name, Ephraim Riggins creates “music for heroes” putting an imaginative spin on rap while taking listeners on a trip through the multiverses.


In 2010 the wordsmith knew music was the path for him. Sitting in his dorm at Florida A&M University, fascinated with poetry, his love for the art of rap continued to grow.


“The feeling that I got was rapturing. It grabbed me so heavily I knew this was something that I’m supposed to be doing,” Intricate said. “I just didn’t know how to go about it.”


After graduating college, that feeling still resided within him. “I [had] to figure out and do what it is that makes me feel alive and what makes me feel purpose. And that’s what I got from rap. It was just figuring out how.”


Intricate has since then figured out the equation to his “how” by breaking through in the rap scene. Winning rap contests, releasing multiple projects and performing throughout the city, IntricatetheAlmighty is one to look out for.


When I first heard him perform, I was truly taken aback. I had to look around to see if what I was witnessing was real. With the skills Intricate possesses, you would think he was just stopping in as a favor from his sold-out tour. I genuinely couldn’t believe someone so talented was performing two feet away from me — which continues to prove the immense talent that dwells in this city.


Drawing inspiration from Lupe Fiasco and Andre 3000, Intricate embodies a protégé of the two legendary artists. That and the ability to yield range and variety in his music, Intricate reflects the same abilities that differentiate the good from the great.


With an upcoming project in the works, Intricate’s imagination goes beyond the scope of today’s hip-hop. Merging film and music, his prospective project continues to broaden the horizons of his discography. 


To keep up with IntricateTheAlmighty and his music, follow him at

@Intricate93 on Instagram.