June Horoscopes

Words by Ambar Ramirez & Carmen Macri


Brace yourself for a month filled with surprises that are sure to test your patience, Aries. It’s like the universe wants to see just how much you can handle. But hey, who needs calm and stability when you can have chaos and unpredictability, right?



Buckle up, Taurus! June is going to be a wild ride for you with celestial chaos unleashing its full force. Relationships are like a rollercoaster this month, and you’re in for some heart-pounding twists and turns. Prepare for passionate arguments, intense make-up sessions and unpredictable emotions. Or avoid the whiplash all together and have some very necessary alone time. 



Ah, Gemini, your social calendar is going to be bursting at the seams this month, since it is your month, after all. Get ready for superficial conversations and a whirlwind of small talk. Don’t worry, though, because nobody can juggle shallow friendships quite like you!



This month, emotions will flow like a never-ending river. Get ready for dramatic scenes, tearful monologues and a touch of passive-aggressive text messaging. Don’t forget your trusty tissue box and a good therapist on speed dial.



Leo, it’s your time to shine … or so you think. But be prepared for some unexpected shade coming your way. Your spotlight might get stolen and your dramatic moments overshadowed. Oh well, who needs constant attention when you can handle a little ego bruising, right?



June brings chaos and disorder to your meticulously organized life, Virgo. Prepare for missed deadlines, misplaced documents and a computer crash at the worst possible moment. Embrace the chaos; perfection is overrated anyway.



Indecisive Libra, brace yourself for a month of agonizing over every little choice. Should you wear blue or green socks today? Which dessert should you order? The struggle is real, but remember, it’s just socks and sweets, not life-altering decisions.



Oh, Scorpio, your mysterious and brooding nature is going to be in full swing this month (like every month, right?). You’ll be the embodiment of all things intense and secretive. Just be careful not to scare people away with your intensity. A little darkness goes a long way; too much might send them running for the hills! But we all know you’re a baby underneath. 



June will be a rollercoaster ride of unpredictability even for you, adventurous Sagittarius. Your travel plans might be derailed, your GPS will lead you astray, and your passport might mysteriously disappear. Just go with the flow and embrace the unexpected detours. Oh, and don’t forget to wear a seatbelt. 



Capricorn, it’s time to put your serious face on and tackle those responsibilities with an iron fist. The world needs someone to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, and who better than you? Just don’t forget to loosen up once in a while because fun is highly overrated, right?



June is a month of social madness for you, Aquarius. Prepare for endless invitations, conflicting schedules, and FOMO on steroids. Just remember, it’s OK to say no sometimes and enjoy a cozy night in with your favorite conspiracy theory shows and a bowl of popcorn.



Ah, dreamy Pisces, prepare for a month of escapism and floating through life in your own little bubble. Reality is overrated anyway, so why not live in your fantasy world? Just be careful not to completely lose touch with the real world. Remember, bills and responsibilities tend to burst bubbles, so keep at least one foot on the ground. (Or plan to marry rich!)