In Your Own Words

What Does Pride Mean to Me?

Karrissa T. Wade

“Pride, to me, means being able to express to other people, ‘Hey, I see you. You’re not alone. You are loved and you matter. We care.’ I think the first Pride I ever saw and went to was incredible to me. Being a pastor’s kid, I was constantly being told how horrible I was, how condemned I was, how God could never love someone like me. I was able to see other people like me. Other people expressing themselves. Other people being happy. And I thought to myself, finally, I’m exactly who I’m supposed to be. Exactly the way God created me. I’m loved! I matter! I belong! And that’s what Pride is. It’s not about wearing rainbows and running around the streets and dancing and laughing. Although that is an incredible thing about enjoying Pride. It’s about showing other people that they’re not alone. Don’t be afraid! You are loved! You are just the person you’re supposed to be! You matter. And if no one else has told you they love you today, I love you. And people can say, ‘How can you love someone you’ve never met?’ My response is how can you hate someone you’ve never met and do not know? Love will always win! Love will always prevail, and you are loved!” 


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