Dear Dumbs,

Dear Dumbs,


You guys are so fun and funny. It’s just a hoot listening to you and cheering your relationship on. We want you to go the distance. It gives us all hope. 


Speaking of hope, there no hope for my sister. I’m 37 and the middle child. My sister is the youngest at 28. She’s a beautiful girl inside and out. Well, that is until she decided she was going to be a social media influencer. 


I can deal with the decision she made to embellish the way her life appears. The professional photo shoots. The trips she really can’t afford to take. The new wardrobe. She seems to be getting a big following and for the most part I’m very proud of her and impressed with her dedication and vision.


Now, I hope you’re sitting down for this one. She recently took it way too far. My mother passed away on April the 11th. We had a service for her a couple of weeks later. It was an open casket event, and my sister was the last one to view her body. I was watching the procession of mourners walk by my mother and saw my sister lagging at the end of the line. She had expressed her displeasure over the whole open casket thing, but it was my mothers request to be buried in the dress she wore on my mother and fathers first date so we honored it. I watched her stand over my mother saying her last goodbyes and it was very emotional to watch. That is until she took out her cell phone an posed for a selfie with my mom.


WTF? What was this bitch thinking? When I took her aside she said that she shares everything about her life and that people need to see this side of her.


What would you do? So far she hasn’t posted it. A bunch of us had asked her not to post it out of respect for everybody involved but she never agreed not to post it saying that’s a decision for her to make and that she is just waiting for the right time.


Love you both.


Linda L



TERRY: First off, thank you for sharing such a personal story. Secondly …. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!


SHARI: Normally I would take this opportunity so scold Terry here, but … LOLOLOLOLOLOL!


TERRY: Let me catch my breath. OK, at the risk of sounding old here, I will never understand this social media game. I post all the time and I have a modest following. So thank you for the great idea on how to boost my numbers. You better hope I die first, Shari.


SHARI: Today more so than others. Anyway, I believe you did the right thing by explaining how painful her actions are to the entire family and maybe that’s the reason she didn’t post it.


TERRY: True. She had to save some face by telling everyone it would be her decision not theirs. There is an online trend of the poster posting a picture of themselves holding their loved ones hand in their final moments. I think that’s creepy as hell even though I think they believe they’re being respectful. Your sister sure took that idea and ran with it. 


SHARI: Linda, I don’t think she will post it.


TERRY: It does have that vibe. But I think you need to be prepared if she does. 


SHARI: Yes. Get the family together to discuss the very real possibility and how to move forward should it happen.


TERRY: Great idea, Shari. This attention-starved, content-driven world we live in is only going to get worse. For that reason alone, I don’t think your sister realizes how serious this is. I also don’t think she’s made up her mind yet.


SHARI: Please let us know if anything goes down.


TERRY: Yes! A family meeting is definitely in order.