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Hurricane season hits June 1. Prepare yourself for months of weather alerts, more weather alerts, breaking weather alerts, more breaking weather alerts … and fresh memes of Jacksonville treasure Lane Pittman (aka Florida Man). 🤟
Hearts are breaking all over the world as globe-trotting conductor and Jacksonville Symphony music director Courtney Lewis is off the market. Lewis recently proposed to personal trainer and nutrition coach Jeff Lewis at the top of the Eiffel Tower no less. Pourraient-ils être plus mignons? (Merci for the assist, Google Translate.)
If you didn’t see Sir Tom Jones at the Florida Theatre in May, you missed one of the best shows of the year. Perhaps being in such awe kept the ladies from throwing panties on the stage as is customary at a Tom Jones concert except for one woman who tossed a black pair begrudgingly, it seemed, and with terrible aim. Either that or it’s kinda weird throwing undergarments at an 82-year-old man.
And the winner for Best T-Shirt “Label” goes to … Only in Duval! In addition to offering excellent life advice, the shirt it’s attached to is pretty sweet. Now go support local business and buy a shirt.
Out and about: Jags head coach Doug Pederson and GM Trent Baalke spotted at Cowford Chophouse having drinks at the rooftop bar. Sorry, no photo evidence. Use your imagination.

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