Photo © 2023 Chris Phelps The Killers - 2023 St Augustine Amphitheatre - Saint Augustine, FL 5.8.23.

Combined Minds

The Girls Review The Killers 

Words by Ambar Ramirez and Carmen Macri


Carmen: Let me just start by saying … holy shit.


Ambar: Holy shit indeed. Let’s paint the picture. We found out at 4 p.m. that we got tickets to go see The Killers perform at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre — at 7:30 p.m..


Carmen: So naturally, we booked it out of the office and sped home to change and hit the road. Upon arrival, Ambar and I found out that we did not score just any old seats, no, we were in the pit. 


Ambar: IN. THE. PIT.


Carmen: IN THE PIT! 


Ambar: So, of course, since we were about to be face to face with the love of our lives, Brandon Flowers, we had to get a li’l drinky drink (another li’l drinky drink). Unfortunately, the drinks cost $48 and in the rush of making our way back to the pit, I accidentally tipped 30%. So I was broke for the rest of the night, but rich in experience. 


Carmen: After Ambar got robbed, we walked back into the crowd just in time for the openers to walk on stage looking like they walked right out of the ’70s. Palm Palm was their name and rock and roll was their game.


Ambar: After 30 minutes of pretending to know their songs, the lights dimmed and we knew that the moment we had been waiting for all of our lives was just around the corner. During our lovely intermission, Carmen and I started a bet. What song would The Killers open with?


Carmen: Unfortunately for Ambar, I’ve been to quite a few concerts. I know how this thing goes. They NEVER open with their most popular song. So, Ambar made a (very confident) bet that they will open with “Mr. Brightside.”  With all my years of experience, I said they would close with it.


Ambar: I feel attacked. 


Carmen: So, when “My Own Soul’s Warning” began playing, I knew I had it in the bag. 


Ambar: In my defense, I thought they would start with their most popular song to get the crowd hyped up, but I guess that’s my own personal strategy. Start off strong and slowly let them down. The Killers, though, did not let us down. 


Carmen: Like every man I have ever met. 


Ambar: Whoa, this is getting real personal. But on a serious note, did you know that The Killers are Mormon? 


Carmen: Let me tell you one thing about me: The Mormon lore is something that I find deeply fascinating. But, anyway, let’s actually review the concert. After every song, we found ourselves thinking there is no way they can top this and then they do. They perfectly blended their classics with their more recent releases. 


Ambar: They weren’t joking when they said don’t blink, you might miss something ’cause, of course, with my peanut-sized bladder, I just had to go pee as soon as they started to perform “Human.” So, there I was screaming at the top of my lungs in the bathroom stall while Carmen was dancing her li’l heart away. Alone. What an isolating experience. Heaven really ain’t close in a place like that.


Carmen: Listen, I was SCREAMING at Ambar while she was skipping off to the bathroom. I even tried to get the people surrounding us to scream for her too, but alas, it was too late. And she missed arguably the best song of the night. Alone. In the bathroom. What an isolating experience. 


Ambar: Sprinting! I was sprinting away. And I sprinted back, almost losing all of my front teeth in the process. 


Carmen: I think I missed a few chapters. Did you fall? 


Ambar: Keyword there is “almost.”


Carmen: Anyway, once Ambar returned, a moment that brought the entire crowd to tears happened. Someone in the crowd held up a sign saying “‘For Reasons Unknown,’ I drove 1,500 miles to play drums for you.” So, once it was time to play that song, Flowers stopped the show to call the audience member to the stage.  


Ambar: I actually teared up. Not to mention that the impromptu drummer was absolutely killer (pun intended). 


Carmen: After the song and a few selfies later, the show continued. But like most concerts, the band exited the stage for a fake encore. And I have to admit, they almost had me fooled. I believed they truly weren’t going to perform “Mr. Brightside” or “All The Things I’ve Done.”


Ambar: They really saved the best for last.


Carmen: I don’t think I have seen a crowd as electric in my entire life. Everyone was jumping in unison. Screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs. Confetti was soaring through the sky covering us from head to toe. 


Ambar: Just imagine it. We went from listening to these songs on our tiny mp3 players as kids to years later, hearing them live. My soul physically left my body. I died and was reborn. 


Carmen: I will be dealing with post-concert depression until I see them again, sadly.