New Music for May 2023

Words by Tysen Romeo

 May 5

“Just Because”

California singer-songwriter Claire Rosinkranz releases her second studio album, “Just Because.” Her music can be described as a original blend of indie pop and acoustic guitar.


Ed Sheeran releases his sixth studio album, which fans will not be surprised to learn is named after a mathematical symbol. “Minus” is said to be an acoustic album and was produced by Aaron Dessner. 


Grandson is a Canadian-American singer-songwriter whose second full length album is titled “I Love You, I’m Trying.” He likes to write alternative hip hop/rock/rap music about modern-day issues that are not recognized by the media and public.


May 12

“THE ALBUM” will be the sixth studio album from the American pop rock band the Jonas Brothers — and their first album together since 2019. According to the trio, the album was inspired by 1970s pop and Americana.


May 19

Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi, whose sound has been described as a mix of pop and soul, releases his second studio album “Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent.”  


Fusing jazz, folk and world music, The Dave Matthews Band has an immediately recognizable sound that continues on their 10th studio album, “Walk Around the Moon.”


May 26

“My Soft Machine” is the second studio album from British singer-songwriter Arlo Parks and is a deeply personal body of work, describing the album as a narration of her experiences as she navigates her 20s.


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