Brickbats + Bouquets


To Farmery Bodega and Bakery. A joint effort between Green Legacy Farm and Mena’s Legacy Kitchen and Catering, this family-owned business at the corner of Main and Third streets in Springfield aims to connect the community with fresh, healthy food from area farmers. Fresh produce, baked goods, prepared meals, smoothies and other healthy items are on the menu  with an emphasis on quality, sustainability and local pride. 

To Jacksonville’s air quality. According to the 2023 State of the Air report produced by the American Lung Association, Jacksonville is ranked one of the top 25 best cities in the nation for ozone pollution. That and the River City experienced zero unhealth days of high ozone last year. For the full report, visit


To homeowners insurance companies. Florida property insurance rates have been skyrocketing over the last few years with increases of up to 60% expected, not to mention the sheer number of existing policies not being renewed or outright canceled. Some blame the price hikes on fraud and frivolous litigations, while others point to the increase in flooding and hurricane-related claims. Regardless, insurance companies don’t appear to be hurting financially nearly as much their insureds, especially the ones they’re abandoning.