Bricks and Bouqs


To Sulzbacher’s new Urban Rest Stop Social Services Bus, a joint venture of the City of Jacksonville and Sulzbacher. The mobile unit provides social services such as case management and housing placement to people experiencing homelessness who are still living on the streets in downtown Jacksonville.  

To for partnering with music schools, stores, private instructors and other organizations to offer free trial music lessons or classes March 20-26, 2023. The benefits of playing music are vast. We think this free trial option is pretty awesome.  



To the Jacksonville City Council members who voted to approve the rezoning of Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve Area on the Northside. In February, the council voted 10-9 in favor of allowing a subdivision development, three sides of which are on the preserve. While the project will bring nearly 100 new homes to the area, it will also have a significant negative impact on the environment, as construction will not only disrupt, displace or destroy native flora and fauna but also make the development more prone to flooding and more vulnerable to fires. Since the vote, at least once City Council member has indicated regret for voting in favor of the rezoning, but they still get a Brickbat.