A Woman, Still

“A Woman, Still”

Poem By Suni Storm

Trekking uncharted tight ropes.
Trained hands trembling from
shuffling through the faces of adversity.
I am a woman, still.

Bruised under rouge, I’ve endured
My fair share of inequality, but it seems
I’m never quite afforded the luxury of equity.
It became clear to me that what I wanted,
I owned the strength to make.

It shone on me like a rising sun that,
A stage set is for a Star to take.
I am a woman, willed.

Has been personified as a badge of honor.
Has been valued as a prized possession.
Has seen more than her fair share of prejudice and oppression.
Queen of my palace, groundskeeper of this divine temple.
Nothing but life and girl power could fortify the fight within me.
That makes me a woman, skilled.

A woman,
Has been a soldier.
Has been a protector.
Has been a provider.
And even in the right space,
she blooms into a multiplier.

I am a woman, still.
Relishing in the Celebrating of the luxury
of defining and displaying everything I aspire to be.
A force to be reckoned with.
Capable of leaving you breathless.

I celebrate the dynamic of feminism,
And I always will.