Magnetic Attraction With Robin Wesner

Words By Ambar Ramirez and Carmen Macri  

If you thought that after all of these years of “knowing” what sign you’re compatible with and basing your dating life on whether you match up astrologically, we hate to tell you, but you’ve been wrong. According to author Robin Wesner, we’ve all been wrong.

In her book, “Magnetic Attraction,” Wesner explains why compatibility isn’t merely based on one’s sign but also its polarity designation. Wesner first made this discovery during her second marriage, specifically when she noticed a considerable difference in one area specifically (wink, wink). 


Folio: What made you realize that astrology books had compatibility all wrong?

Robin Wesner: I didn’t think about that at first; it was a realization after I figured out the theory of compatibility.

Folio: How did you figure out the secret to compatibility between the 12 zodiac signs?

RW: The way I figured out the theory of compatibility was a result of being married two times. The second marriage made me think that something was very different (in the bedroom). I determined to figure out what it was with my hobby of astrology. I did some brainstorming and then I remembered that the base descriptions of the 12 zodiac signs give each sign a polarity designation of either positive or negative. I’m a positive sign and my first husband was a positive sign. Then, my second husband was a negative sign. And, that is how I figured it out. Sex is the main feature, but I don’t usually use the “s” word. But, as we all know the expression, “sex sells.”

Folio: What led you to this theory about magnetic attraction?

RW: The expression “magnetic attraction” is descriptive of the attraction felt between a positive and negative charge of magnets. They attract each other. Two charges of the same polarity repel each other. These are natural forces of nature.

Folio: Can you give us more insight and detail on how polarity designations come into play with compatibility?

RW: This discovery of the plus/minus theory dictates that it takes one positive sign and one negative sign to make a match. This condition must be met before other factors of compatibility are considered.

Folio: How can one find their own zodiac polarity designation?

RW: Six signs are positive and the other six are negative. The three fire signs and the three air signs are designated as having a positive polarity. The three earth signs and the three water signs are designated as having a negative polarity. I created a “polarity card” that comes inside the book. It can be used to reference the polarity of the 12 signs.

Folio: Do you have any personal experiences you wouldn’t mind sharing about how polarity designations affected your own relationships?

RW: The reason I am so passionate about this topic is because I lost the family I made. And, it took me about 10 years to get over the fact that I had to get divorced. But, that led to my eventual happiness.


We know what you’re thinking: Who has the time to do a science experiment to figure out your sign’s polarity as well as the polarity designation of your partner(s)? Good thing is you don’t have to. Email Wesner at [email protected] with your birthdate, time of birth and birthplace to for a free list of your compatible signs.