Pour Some Sugar On Me

By Ambar Ramirez


That’s right. The moment we have all been waiting for is here. Sugar Factory American Brasserie is opening its newest location right here in Jacksonville.  


Don’t let the name confuse you. While both Sugar Factory and Cheesecake Factory carry “factory” in their name and both sell sweets, food, and (of course) drinks, Sugar Factory offers an entirely different experience once you walk through those glass-paneled doors.


Sugar Factory Brasserie has locations spread across across the country and around the world (Dubai being just one example), and by the time you read this, Jacksonville residents will be getting their first sugary tastes when the sweet shop finally opens (assuming they don’t postpone their opening date again) in the Markets of Town Center.


While the prices may not seem as sweet (this, coming from a recent college graduate), remember you’re not just paying for an edible item but one designed to offer an unforgettable sweet experience. Or as Gwen Stefani would put it, a sweet escape. 


But don’t just take my word for it. Back in 2016 celebrities like the Kardashians and Jenners were basically poster people for the restaurant. And I’m sure it wasn’t just the amount on the checks that made these celebrities promote the elevated candy shop. 


It all began with an idea that came up during a family dinner: to create a place where children could revel in being a kid and where adults could re-spark their inner child, a place where the whole family could have fun. And well, you can really never go wrong with candy or sweets. 


From that moment on, the family-owned brassiere went from just being located in a small town in Nevada to over 24 locations worldwide. 


But people don’t just go to Sugar Factory to rekindle their inner child (we have meditation and therapy for that). They go for the food, candy, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, the list goes on. I mean it. 


They have every type of classic American food you can think of. Just to name a few off of the savory portion of the menu: burgers, onion rings, chicken wings, pasta, grilled four-cheese sandwiches, filet and pan-roasted salmon! 


Should I go onto the sweet portion of the menu? There are milkshakes (one of which may or may not be alcoholic), ice cream sundaes, waffles and crepes, and, of course, dessert fondue. Talk about a sugar high.


And while I won’t go into detail about the cocktail menu, just know that they use a little bit of dry ice to add some magic to your drink when you order a goblet. 


Needless to say, you won’t be disappointed with this new addition to Jacksonville’s food scene. 

About Ambar Ramirez

Flipping through magazines for as long as she can remember, Ambar Ramirez has always known she wanted to be a journalist. Fast forward, Ambar is now a multimedia journalist and creative for Folio Weekly. As a recent graduate from the University of North Florida, she has written stories for the university’s newspaper as well as for personal blogs. Though mainly a writer, Ambar also designs and dabbles in photography. If not working on the latest story or design project, she is usually cozied up in bed with a good book or at a thrift store buying more clothes she doesn’t need.