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The Rise of Girls of Virtue 

Words By Carmen Macri 

It comes as no surprise that being a woman in today’s society can be terrifying. Our rights are being stripped away in front of our eyes. We face misogyny in our day-to-day lives, whether it be subtle or overt. Since birth, we were dealt a shitty hand. Growing up I was always taught to cover my shoulders and watch what I say around boys … rather than teaching them human f***ing decency. It was always on us to censor ourselves so the men around us could act right.

That is why when organizations like Girls of Virtue pop up, it is a breath of fresh air. Adults empower young women to embrace who they are, to embrace their bodies and their spirituality. At Girls of Virtue, young women are taught more than “cover up and watch what you say.” They are surrounded by strong, successful women who have experienced similar challenges and overcame them. Girls of Virtue provides classes on personal growth, financial education, health and fitness, self-defense and spiritual balance, along with events like 5K races and one-mile “fun runs,” golf tournaments, self-love workshops and friendly fitness competitions.

According to the Girls of Virtue website: “Girls are often taught to be a reflection of their mothers, but there are many girls who break that mold and choose to be a reflection of their own virtue.” And that is exactly what Girls of Virtue strives for: to empower young women to break free from the restrictions placed upon them since birth. These girls are self-aware and confident in who they are. Girls of virtue are those who act with integrity and honesty. They follow their moral compass and are not afraid to speak up when they see something wrong. The Girls of Virtue live by their values and are not swayed by peer pressure.

Della Sellers launched Girls of Virtue in April 2020. As a child, she experienced many challenges from substance abuse and physical abuse to a broken home and poverty. She founded Girls of Virtue to show young women that their future is limitless and their future can always be bright, regardless of where they come from or their current circumstances.

Girls of Virtue is always looking for volunteers and sponsors to help make a difference in these girls’ lives. Volunteers will work one-on-one with the girls to share their own expertise and experience to provide guidance and support. If you are interested in joining as a Girl of Virtue, or as volunteer, check out their website girlsofvirtue.org for more information. 

About Carmen Macri

Since a young age, Carmen Macri knew she wanted to be a writer. She started as our student intern and has advanced to Multi-media Journalist/Creative. She graduated from the University of North Florida and quickly found her home with Folio Weekly. She juggles writing, photography and running Folio’s social media accounts.