The Month of Love … Loving Your Body, That Is

Words by Molly Britt


Throughout the month of February, love, relationships, and candy are shoved in our faces saying this is the way we need to appreciate those close to us. What we are told growing up is that we need to appreciate others before ourselves and care more about them. Now I’m here to tell you, that’s not the case. This month, make it all about loving yourself. 


You exist, not to please others, but to reach your goals and make yourself happy. In the era of social media, online dating and so much more, it’s rather hard sometimes to truly think about ourselves. We are constantly looking at others and comparing ourselves to them. “How can we be like them? “How did that diet work on them but not me?” These questions are so toxic to our minds, so I’m putting my foot down. Let’s love ourselves first. 


Did you know there are retreats you can go on that focus solely on loving yourself and learning new things, exotic things? There are photoshoots that teach you all about taking the right selfie to make you feel good. All of these things you can find here in Jacksonville.


Tina Musico is someone who offers all of that. Her SEXontop retreats are more than meets the eye. They offer a non-judgmental and fun space for women to crush taboos and increase confidence. Her goal is for people “to live their most badass confident sex life, for whatever that means for them.” This retreat is a place to be “your authentic self” and live however you want to in a space of like minded women who want to increase their sexual confidence and empower others. Count me in!


Musico offers retreats and “sexy selfies” photoshoots. This is all about teaching women how beautiful they can be. In these photoshoots she will go through taking photos on a phone and showing the models how they can take their own to make them feel confident. How many times do you go into a photoshoot where the photographer teaches you how to do it yourself from home? It is a unique aspect in which she knows you can just be your authentic self and that alone is beautiful, something we should all keep in mind. 


It is time we take on a new view for Valentine’s Day and focus on loving ourselves. Whether that be with sexy selfies, a day all about self-care or even just sitting at home with a glass of wine and a movie. We need to learn we are not being selfish by taking time for ourselves. 


When I started researching this article I was so set on discussing the art of sexual confidence and boudoir shoots (the world of sex), but after meeting with Tina, it really put into perspective that loving ourselves and being confident in our own skin is a right not a privilege. You’re not inviting anything or anyone, you are being yourself and that is more than enough. You can truly show love to others around you by loving yourself first, and that is what Valentine’s Day should be about.

About Molly Britt

Molly Britt is a multimedia journalist with Folio Weekly, as well as an account executive. As a Jax Beach local and University of North Florida graduate, she is familiar with all things Duval and Northeast Florida. She enjoys investigative journalism and interviews, using her platform to educate and inform the local community with her words. While at Folio, Britt has enjoyed interviews with the likes of Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls and local small businesses such as Femme Fire Books.