Singles Survival Guide To Valentine’s Day

Words by Tysen Romeo


Seemingly there is nothing worse than being single when Valentine’s Day comes around. However, this Valentine’s Day we are not going to be drunk texting our exes, crying while eating a pint of ice cream or watching any early 2000s rom-coms. This Valentine’s Day we are going to love ourselves and not waste money on a pointless date that will be overlooked by the end of February. 


When you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day comes with a few rules. You are required to get your partner a gift. You are then forced to go out to a fancy restaurant, where the steak is at least $50. Above all else, you are going to be posting the whole day on social media showing all your friends and family that you have a significant other.


Whether you have never been in a relationship, you’re recently single or have been single for a long time and still can’t get over your ex, this guide will get you through this sadistic holiday created solely for couples.


This Valentine’s Day treat <yourself>, buy that thing that has been in your cart for a while. Get those clothes that you have been looking for. If fast fashion isn’t your thing, then go thrifting. While you’re at it grab some candles and a bath bomb, so you can treat yourself to a nice cozy bath. Make sure you also look up a fun recipe to make and get the ingredients while you’re out. Don’t forget to grab some cookies you can bake for dessert.


If you aren’t in the spending mood, don’t fret. Read that book that has been sitting on your bedside table. Grab a journal and write out those thoughts that are clouding your mind. Reflect on those goals you made in January and really try to commit to them. Create a mood board and dive deep into that Pinterest aesthetic. While you’re at it grab a canvas and some paint and create a cute painting to hang up in your room. 


For those of you hoping for a valentine, you may have been looking in the wrong place. Screw the rules of Valentine’s Day, and if you’re a pet owner, take your little buddy to the park and show them the most love you have to offer. You’re both in this together and they have your back. Make sure they aren’t feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day either and treat them too.


Not a pet owner? Tidy up then. Make your bed, pick up your clothes and grab your broom or vacuum. There is nothing better to boost your mood than cleaning up your living space. Put your favorite record on and really get into the zone. Singing along to favorite tunes makes cleaning so much better. Show off those moves. No one is watching, so shake it off and bust a move. 


After cleaning up, you have no excuse not to invite some of your single friends over for a fun singles party. No one said single people aren’t allowed to party on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes parties can be a little much and require a lot of cleaning up, so if you aren’t interested in partying, you can always spend some time just to yourself. 


There are so many things you can do when you are single on Valentine’s Day. The day may be about finding love, but who said that love can’t be found within and for yourself? This Valentine’s Day don’t let those feelings get to you and stay positive because sooner or later you will never be single on Valentine’s Day again. Unless you want to.


About Tysen Romeo

Folio’s newest intern, Tysen Romeo is excited to join the team. While working part-time and being in school, he still finds time to write about the things he loves here at Folio. He hopes to spread joy as well as the truth in his writing and we can’t wait to see all the potential he has.