Finding Love In… Books?

A look into celebrating the month of love with a good book

Words by Molly Britt

Did you know that romance novels generate over $1.44 billion in revenue? Now you do. Why, you may ask, is romance the biggest earning genre in fiction? No idea but I do know since COVID, readership in all genres has increased. We had to find something to do inside, and if it wasn’t having pandemic babies or buying new puppies that will never know independence, it might as well be educational. No hate to the pandemic babies and puppies, but I chose the books. 

Between August 2021 and August 2022, the romance genre of books has sold 19 million printed copies, increasing print sales by 36% (print will not die!), but why does this matter? Does it have anything to do with the month of February? Well, if you’re single—or not and just bored of your significant other … that’s OK—and a book lover you may know romance books can really get you through a sad day or a lonely Valentine’s Day. 

There may have been a time or two of me eating chocolate and popcorn in bed while reading a particularly heart-wrenching tale of some person falling in love with a guy that in no way would be socially acceptable in real life … it happens, and you’re clearly not alone. With February being the month of love, now is the time to get yourself a good romance book. We’re not those little kids in middle school anymore being forced to read for 30 minutes a day from a book about something we really do not understand. Now we can read books we choose for fun! I know, crazy concept, but I have really gotten into it myself. I mean really into it, I may or may not read two books a day sometimes. It’s a habit I am working on. 

Whether you’re like me and use books as a way to escape to a whole new unexplored world or you’re just getting through the day, a good book is always the way to go. 

Say you want a new book of the month for February? Well, obviously it should be romance … or something even spicier. You’re in luck because the Indulgence Book Festival takes place Feb 11 at James Weldon Park. Between 1 and 5 p.m., you can peruse through books by romance and erotica writers. This festival includes meet-and-greets with authors and allows a place where fans of similar interests can meet and talk about their favorite books.Some of you may be thinking, why does this exist? I get it, but don’t judge before you actually read one. This festival was created for fans by fans of romance and erotica writers to come together to support their favorite genre and local authors who celebrate their creative voices used to find love and passion in this space. 

There can not be much better than going to celebrate local creative voices with like-minded individuals respectfully. Let your creative freedom shine as bright as you want. 

About Molly Britt

Molly Britt is a multimedia journalist with Folio Weekly, as well as an account executive. As a Jax Beach local and University of North Florida graduate, she is familiar with all things Duval and Northeast Florida. She enjoys investigative journalism and interviews, using her platform to educate and inform the local community with her words. While at Folio, Britt has enjoyed interviews with the likes of Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls and local small businesses such as Femme Fire Books.