February Horoscopes

Words by Carmen Macri and Ambar Ramirez


This February will be a month of love and opportunity for you, Aries. There will be lots of valuable connections made throughout this month. You will launch a new emotional cycle that will teach you valuable lessons on an emotional level. It may seem like an emotional rollercoaster this month, so buckle up! 



It’s time to break some rules, Taurus. The new moon on Feb. 1 is going to inspire you to take leaps and maybe even some risks when it comes to your career. Once the mercury retrograde ends on Feb. 3, everything will settle down, giving you a clear view of your goals.



A common feminine sign ruled by the dual planet Mercury. This February will be Valentine’s Day brought to life. Males, females and everything in between, it is time to embrace your feminine side. Flowers, face masks, spa days, manis and pedis all month long. Finding a partner might not be in the cards this February, so be your own lover. 



After getting that much needed rest last month, you are ready to spread those wings! This February will be all about progress and understanding. As you get back into the flow of things and begin to adjust to your own inner changes, it would be wise to stick to your charming qualities as they will prove to be an important tool in the workplace. 



Being a male moving and powerful sign owned by the sun, this February will be like no other. The cosmic energy surrounding Leo’s will be intense and overwhelming. You may need to follow your own thoughts and give suitable answers to yourself. Trust your intuition during this month. You know yourself best, Leo. 



As a natural romantic, this month is your time to shine, Virgo. Take that special someone out on a romantic (preferably candle-lit) dinner and see where the night takes you. Especially since this month will prove to be financially stable for you, spend the money you earn on those you care about. Spread that love! 



The month of February may start off a bit rocky for you, Libra. You may find yourself in a weird spot financially, but the good thing about money is that it doesn’t necessarily bring happiness … just comfort. That said, don’t get caught up in all the unfavorable things going on in your life. Instead, focus on the good and those you love. 



It is time to tap into your determined and aggressive nature this month, Scorpio. You know what you want, it is time to get it. Whether it be in your love life or your career. Use the passion that drives you. Give it your all and everything will soon fall into place by the end of the month. Don’t count yourself out. 



Have you ever heard the saying that too much of one thing can quickly turn into a bad thing? While your desire for pleasure is going to increase this month, remember that moderation is key. You can still have a good time without spending all of your savings. Life is all about balance. 



As always, you have been acting on impulse the last few months. This February, it’s time to pump on the brakes. Think logically and not emotionally. While this is the love month, you may want to focus on self love. And no, that doesn’t mean a shopping spree. Light some candles and chill out. 



It’s Aquarius season, baby! While this month will be full of new experiences and trying things out of your comfort zone, it’s important to let people in on your journey. Much too often you tend to take the road less traveled and expect to do it all on your own. Newsflash! It’s OJ to ask for help, and at times, it is necessary to do so.      



You love love, Pisces. Guess what? Love loves you too. This February will prove to be quite fruitful for you. It will feel like most people find you irresistible, and that very well might be the case. Your celestial energy will be radiating around you, pulling people in. Just don’t let it go straight to your head, okay? (And stay away from Aquarius men.)