Brickbats and Bouquets


To the chumps who tried to cheat their way into Best of Jax honors.

Some people may chuckle at the results (don’t blame us; we just tally the votes), but we take the Best of Jax nominating and voting process very seriously. So when a few amateur cyber-sleuths tried to cheat the system (that’s called fraud, folks), we tracked them down and called them out. Then disqualified their asses. Maybe next year we’ll start a new category for Worst Best of Jax Cheaters just for them. It’s not like we don’t know who they are.



To the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for making an arrest in the death of 13-year-old Prince Holland.

Holland was shot and killed in a drive-by while walking home from football tryouts in December. Coach Jaylen Burroughs, 21, was also critically injured in the incident. According to JSO, 22-year-old Marcel Johnson was arrested and charged with several felonies related to the shootings; however, he has not been identified as the shooter. The shooting, JSO said, was a result of a an ongoing and heated rivalry between rival street groups “3” and “320.” At a press conference last year following the shooting, newly-elected Sheriff T.K. Waters said, “This agency and this city will not passively stand by while a subculture that glorifies violence terrorizes our community and kills our children.” 


To Cowford Chop House for surprising us all over again.

Not only does the Downtown steakouse deserve beaucoups of bouquets for their food, atmosphere and service, but they’ve even managed to take their to-go utensils to another level. Especially the spoon. The shape, the weight and oh-so-smooth texture had us rinsing them off after using them … so we could use them again. Seriously, where can we buy these things?