Best Non-profit : JASMYN

Best Non-profit: JASMYN

Having been opened for an impressive 28 years, JASMYN is no stranger to offering refuge, support and empowerment to LGBTQIA+ teens and young adults in the community through leadership, advocacy, and resources. The organization is constantly working toward a safer, more accepting environment where LGBTQIA+ teens and young adults are appreciated and valued for their identities, aspirations and contributions. It is clear why JASMYN won “Best Non-Profit” through their support and encouragement for equality and human rights for all. –Molly Britt

About Molly Britt

Molly Britt is a multimedia journalist with Folio Weekly, as well as an account executive. As a Jax Beach local and University of North Florida graduate, she is familiar with all things Duval and Northeast Florida. She enjoys investigative journalism and interviews, using her platform to educate and inform the local community with her words. While at Folio, Britt has enjoyed interviews with the likes of Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls and local small businesses such as Femme Fire Books.