Best Local Musician: Vince Jones

Best Local Musician: Vince Jones

Upon hearing the name Vince Jones, I immediately thought of a rockstar or someone I had to have known. It turns out, I wasn’t too far off: Jones is a part of the local band Blistur (which has won “Best Original Band” and “Best Cover Band” for three years in a row). And as Blistur’s newest band member, it’s Jones’ turn to shine. 

Born and raised in upstate New York, Jones has been surrounded by music all his life, specifically his mother (a singer and keyboard player) and sister (a singer and bass player). And Jones doesn’t remember a time in his life when he wasn’t in band practice or playing instruments. Before Blistur, Jones played with bands High Street, Sanctuary, Oblivion, Silver Tear, Majesty, The Poni Tails, Force Of Nature, Stricken, Backlash, TC and Sass. Extremely experienced and admired by music fans of all ages, Jones finds his inspiration in artists like Steve Perry, Ann Wilson, Vinnie Moore, Geoff Tate and others.

As Blistur’s bassist and keyboard player, Jones enjoys the opportunity to let loose and connect with the audience. Though a quiet and shy person offstage (his words, not mine), Jones deserves all the attention and applause for being voted “Best Local Musician.” -Ambar Ramirez

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