Best Dressed and Best Personality: Bobby Kelley

Best Local Character, Best Dressed: Bobby Kelley

If you don’t know Bobby Kelley, let’s just say he’s the tits, a word that not only describes him perfectly but is also a brilliant reminder of why he personifies Jacksonville’s “Best Local Character.” Colorful, salty and outspoken, the fashion designer and entrepreneur owns BobbyK Boutique in Springfield and certainly has, ahem, ruffled some feathers around town over the years (tits are also birds, FYI). Like in 2017, when he created and sold an “Avondale Is the Tits” T-shirt that offended people of all ages and genders and prompted members of a prominent local women’s Facebook to call for a boycott of his business. But did that stop our fearless creator from producing more salty graphic tees, like “Jesus Saves Because He Shops at Walmart” and “I Love Hot Dads” currently on the racks or producing a line of celebrity “prayer candles” featuring the likes of Kim Kardashian (featured on Pete Davidson’s IG, btw), Jeff Goldblum and Gardner Minshew in a jock strap (that last one is out of stock)? Not even a little. In fact, haters and doubters only strengthen his resolve to turn his insanely hilarious (or hilariously insane) sense of humor into a fashion and home decor empire (spoiler: it’s already happening). 


Kelley grabbed the title of “Best Dressed,” as well, for a look he describes as “a prep school student who just discovered metal” with his ever-changing hair color and beloved Converse high-top platforms highlighted in his fit pics. He also admits to owning a “ridiculous” amount of mesh because if anyone can pull off the “giant tilapia trapped in a net” look (his words, not mine), it’s Bobby Kelley.- Kerry Speckman

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