January Horoscopes

January 19, 2023
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The full moon in Cancer on Jan. 9 will illuminate both your public and private life. January is the perfect time for you to heal and understand yourself on a deeper level. Don’t doubt yourself and the decisions you make. You have your own best interests in mind—even if you don’t realize it. 



It looks like the stars are working in your favor this month, Taurus. The month of January is usually a good time to catch up on rest, and it is also a good month to start setting healthy boundaries. You may find yourself working on communication and vocalizing needs on Jan. 18 when chatty Mercury ends its retrograde. And the rest of the month you should feel rejuvenated and slightly rebellious!



Bye-bye, retrograde drama. Hello, reflection, relief and relaxation! Sweet Gemini, you are well overdue for a break. It seems like this past year has felt murky for you, but the new year calls for a new you. It is OK to grieve your past self, but don’t rehash your past drama. Reflect and move forward. As Venus enters Aquarius on Jan. 3, it is time to focus on your own desires. Put a face mask on and protect your peace! 



With a newfound sense of confidence and a clear mind, you are off to a great start this new year. But just because you feel this rush of positive emotions doesn’t mean it has to stop there. January is all about pampering yourself and prioritizing your health before helping others. Take this time to settle any remaining grudges so that you can start this new chapter of your life with a clear space (mentally and physically). 



Capricorn season has you working hard, doesn’t it? Not for nothing, though, you have been working hard on yourself and your goals. There is a bigger picture here that only you can see. All this being said, do not work yourself to death. Mars ends its months-long retrograde on Jan. 12, being the perfect time for you to step back and take a deep breath. Your hard work will not disappear, but a self-care day is long overdue for you, Leo. 



Things are starting to finally heat up for you this month, Virgo. After a much-needed hiatus, it is time to open your mind up to new things and get out of your comfort zone. But before you take the leap and start dating again, make sure you have goals set and a plan in motion. As they say, before you can love another, you must love yourself first. 



Did someone turn up the heat, Libra? This month started off intimate and passionate, and luckily for you, it’s not gonna stop there. The universe has a funny way of working, and while you may have started the new year with a smaller friend circle, it’s all for the greater good. Focus on on yourself and those who you know you can count on. When Aquarius season starts on Jan. 20, you will feel a newfound sense of creativity. Take advantage of this side of you not often seen and incorporate creativity into all parts of your life—(professional and sexual).



You are not ready to quit just yet, are you? After a hectic end to 2022, the last thing you want to do is sit and relax. No, Scorpio, you are ready to run! The Jan. 6 full moon will fall in your ninth house of travel and will be the perfect celestial push you need to pack your bags and buy that one-way ticket. Planning a trip? Never heard of it. Embrace the impulsiveness that brews within you. 



Happy new year, Sagittarius! While you may be feeling a little impatient as the beginning of January starts off slow for you, just know that good things come to those who wait. For the first half of the month, it is important that you catch up on your rest and really take this time to get organized. Once the Aquarius season begins on Jan. 20, you will be flooded with social events and friendships. Knowing this, keep those you care about close and also open your mind to the endless opportunities headed your way.



It is finally your time to shine, Capricorn! Capricorn season is among us, are you ready? All the planets are aligning to make sure you have the best month possible. You had the new moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto—half the number of celestial bodies of the solar system—in your sign. How does it feel to be so special the universe calls the ruling planets to you? The Jan. 6 full mood lands directly in your relationship sector, so it is the perfect time to spice things up in the bedroom. Maybe some new toys or even role play. 😉 



Happy solar return, Aquarius! This month started off with love and abundance (a little gift from the cosmos), and it’s only gonna get better. More often than not, you take the safe route but this month asks you to delve into your Aquarian side and take risks. It’s usually when you least expect it that something good happens, so trust your intuition. 



Say goodbye to low energy, Pisces! Mars will realign on Jan. 12, bringing back the energy she took with her when she went into retrograde. It has been a relaxing last couple of months for you, but it is time to start kicking things into high gear. Start setting financial goals and seeing them through. Focus on perfecting your work. It will pay off soon enough! 

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