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January Horoscopes

January Horoscopes 

By Ambar Ramirez and Carmen Macri


The new year is calling your name, Aries. January has your long-term professional goals in mind. What better way to ring in 2023 than a new promotion? Mercury retrogrades until Jan. 20, and, for once, it is in your favor! ’Tis the season for making money, honey. 



You’re a sensible and reliable sign, Taurus, but when push comes to shove you tend to be quite stubborn, especially when it comes to change. And if you thought 2022 was hard, wait for what 2023 has in store for you. While the thought of new friendships, a new job and a new lifestyle may seem scary now, just know that the universe is doing its job of taking out the trash to make room for the gold. So put your stubbornness and resistance to change aside and open your arms this new year to the new you. 



It is finally time to break out of your winter hibernation and sync back into your social butterfly nature. Spend time with your friends, go to your favorite local dive bar and kiss that stranger (with consent, of course.) Make the new year your bitch, Gemini. 



Like the moon that rules you, Cancer, you will be making waves of changes this new year. All the work you put in last year was just the preparation stage for what’s to come for you in 2023. You will be learning a lot of new things and getting rid of past grudges. Within endings are new beginnings. 



Don’t let your confidence flutter, Leo. Last year had its ups and downs, but you made it through (relatively) unscathed. Mercury retrogrades for the first half of January, and while this may seem exhausting, your ruling sun moves through your wellness sector, keeping your peace. Take it slow in January. Now is not the time to rush. 



After much-needed rest and recovery in 2022, it is time to get back to your regular scheduling. Once the Mars retrograde in Gemini ends Jan. 12, you will reconnect with your high sense of commitment and ambition, meaning you will be focused and ready to tackle any job task that comes your way. Still, with hard work comes play, so have fun when you can!



You’re in luck, Libra … literally. Being one of three signs predicted to have immense luck in 2023, things may look really good for you right off the bat. But if you know anything about luck or how the universe works, you know that nothing comes easy. So while it’s OK to throw your hands in the air and let the universe do its magic, it doesn’t hurt to put in the work yourself every once and a while. 



After an intense year, all you want to do is relax, right? Wrong. Your co-ruler, Mars, will remain retrograde until Jan. 20, meaning it will be difficult to stop the ball from moving. The universe is not ready for you to take a (much-needed) rest. Friends and money are to be made! 



Looks like Cupid has his eye on you this new year, Sagittarius. Once the Mars retrograde in Gemini ends on Jan. 12, the frustration or resentment you have been feeling in your relationships will surely decrease. You’ll finally be on the same page as your lover and be glowing because of it. 



Love is in the air, Capricorn. Mars being in retrograde is bringing a tidal wave of lust your way. It is time to finally trust your gut and be who you want to be. Break up with that toxic boyfriend/girlfriend. And remember: never let a significant other stop you from finding your soulmate. 



The last couple of months have been hard for you in the sense of creativity, Aquarius. Things that usually come easy to you have come with a lot of work, but that is all predicted to change this year. Sharpay Evans said it best, “It’s out with the old and in with the new,” and you will kickstart this new season feeling inspired, creative and romantic. 



You are reeling in the new year mixin’ and minglin’ as January is the time for socializing. It’s also time to step out of your comfort zone and into the spotlight. After the massive New Year’s Eve party hangover, it is time to hop back on the saddle and giddy up! No more Mr. Shy Guy (or Gal).