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December Horoscopes with Gift Ideas

December Horoscopes 

with gift ideas based on signs

By Carmen Macri and Ambar Ramirez



It is time to step out of your comfort zone, Aries! As the sun rises and sets in your fellow fire sign Sagittarius, this energy calls on you to start taking the first steps toward a new adventure. This month may be spiritually exhausting for you during your philosophical breakthrough, but it will pay off. It is time to start playing “Yes Man.” 

Aries gift: Hot Wheels 



Pull out that handheld mirror you have locked away somewhere and take a good, long look at yourself, Taurus. At the beginning of the month, you may find yourself looking inward and being very reflective. But all good things come in time and by the end of the month, all that reflectiveness will pay off with a newfound confidence.

Taurus gift: Succulent plant



’Tis the season for making and mending relationships. Whether a friendship or a romance, December is bringing all the heat. Communication is key this month, Gemini. The turning point for your relationships is on the horizon: It is time to face it head on. 

Gemini gift: Bratz doll 



Last month you set boundaries and intentions, now it is time to put those affirmations into action. Remember, Cancer, that you (and only you) have the power to lead the life you want. Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to say no. Dec. 7 brings a full moon in Gemini, and it would be wise to set aside time to be alone; once Dec. 9 rolls around, you won’t be having any alone time.

Cancer gift: Lavender scented candle



It is time to hop off that struggle bus, Leo. December is calling on you to make those big changes in your life. You have been in a situation where your heart is not happy, and it is time to choose YOU. As Venus opposes Mars retrograde, it brings clarity for you to make these decisions.

Leo gift: Ceramic unicorn 



This Sagittarius season has you delving into all things comfortable and restful, Virgo. It is now your chance to catch up on lost sleep and spend time with those you care about. Lead with love this month and only good will come your way. 

Virgo gift: Chunky knit blanket



You are looking very popular this month, Libra! Invitations will be coming around every corner, and while you are welcome to say yes to all of them, remember that it’s OK to say no every once in a while too. Most importantly, go with the flow. The world is your oyster!

Libra gift: A stuffed panda



Ugh! We hate to see Scorpio season go, but we love to watch her leave. Last month was bountiful for you in many ways. As December rolls through, it might be time to relax a bit. You don’t need to be the life of the party anymore. Maybe it is time for a chill night in. Put a face mask on and rewatch “New Girl.”

Scorpio gift: Turkish lamp



Is it getting hot in here, Sag? Jupiter ended its retrograde last month, enhancing your creative and productive side. While you could put this energy toward work and other creative endeavors, might we suggest you use it romantically? Considering this is your season, gift yourself with trying new things in and out of bed.
Sagittarius gift: Dildo



Seriously, do you ever take a break? Your season is right around the corner, but before you step into the spotlight, it’s time (it has been time) to take a weekend off from the stress of everyday life and decompress. Sleep, rest and relaxation are all highlighted themes at this very moment. 

Capricorn gift: A 15-pound bag of espresso beans 



Last month, you leaned on your support system during the rocky eclipses, and this month asks you to do the same. But do not fret. While you don’t revel in asking others for help, it’s time to open yourself up to it. And it’s also time to look inward and reflect before the new year comes along.

Aquarius gift: A journal



Things are getting a little spicy, huh? A lustful December is written in the stars for you. It is time to start focusing on your own pleasure, Pisces. There is nothing wrong with taking a well-deserved break from all the mayhem and treating yourself … however you please (wink-wink.) 

Pisces gift: Handcuffs