Give Us a Break!

Give Us a Break!

Just Smash That provides a cathartic—and fun—way to channel frustration

Words By Carmen Macri & Ambar Ramirez


Located on the corner of Blanding Square Plaza in Orange Park, there is a true hole-in-the-wall operation (pun intended). Just Smash That is a family-owned business with everything you need to release your pent-up anger including the tools and the objects to destroy.


It all started three years ago when Shawn Miller was watching TV. He saw an ad for a local rage room and decided it was time for him to make his own. (His daughter, Taylor, claims to be the real inspiration behind it. “Basically, I guess his kids just made him mad enough to want to break stuff,” Taylor explained.)


But Just Smash That isn’t only for releasing rage in a bitter way. It can be a healing experience as well. “A lot of people do come here in a therapeutic way, you know? We don’t claim or say, ‘we can help you with what you’re going through,’ but it can really help people, especially if they’re mourning the losses of another person or just going through a divorce or a breakup,” Taylor said. “If not, then it’s just for fun.”


Just Smash That is also a great place for first dates. As they say… if they can’t handle you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at your best. 


“What better way to get to know somebody?” Taylor said. “A lot of people come here on dates to get to know somebody’s crazy level before they get in too deep.” Because where’s the fun in hiding your crazy?


Like many small businesses, the owners built and grew Just Smash It around the wants and needs of its guests. With people driving from all over Florida and Georgia to get rid of their rage, the owners of Just Smash That wanted to offer a more complete adventure that was well worth the trip. What started out as three rage rooms has turned into a seven-room experience that now includes ax throwing and paint splattering, as well as space for large parties. They also added twists like a spin-the-wheel game to get more desirable items to smash and the option for guests to have their experience filmed via GoPro.


After checking in at the front desk, you are led to—what we like to call—the choose-your-character room, where you change into your battle gear and pick your method of destruction. From crowbars to wrenches to bowling balls, Just Smash That has a weapon for any shattering occasion. After you pick your artillery, you are taken to one of four rage rooms: Anger Management, Rage Cage, Disorderly Conduct or Panic Attack. (Each comes equipped with a complimentary sledgehammer). 


Maybe aggressively smashing an office desk or a photo of an ex-lover isn’t your thing. Then make your way over to the splatter paint rooms, which are set up with six bottles of neon paint and a blank canvas to carry out your very own paint war. (Depending on what you wear, you can also walk out with a brand-new outfit.) And if that doesn’t pique your interest (or you have a lot of time on your hands), check out Just Smash That’s ultimate rage release: ax throwing.


“The reason we did ax throwing is because it was just starting to take off, and everybody was starting to learn about it,” Shawn explained. “I mean there is a sense of danger with it too, you know?” Taylor added. 


With a snack bar and an auxiliary cord, you can live out your lumberjack fantasies in style. If you’re not interested in a tucked-in flannel and blue jeans experience, throwing knives (and stars) are also on deck. 


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