Folio Weed: Session Obsession

Folio Weed: Session Obsession 

Words by Shelton Hull

What is an “influencer”? It means nothing, in my opinion, but also everything. No matter who you are or what you do, everyone has some type of platform, and everyone has an audience of some size. Social media has broken down a lot of the walls that once separated people based on race, politics and particularly economic status. The concept of “celebrity” is now so amorphous that the line between you and the creators you enjoy is so thin, it’s positively diaphanous. 

Andy Warhol was exactly right, as usual, when he predicted that in the future, everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. Being a voracious consumer of tech, in all its form, Warhol (who died prematurely in 1987, as a result of lingering injuries from a near-fatal shooting back in 1969) would have loved the internet, particularly in its current format. In a sense, he could be considered the original influencer, and he helped set a standard for how artists can engage the business community. I say that, to say this: One piece of advice I always give people is to always tag companies on IG. Be it food, drink, clothing or anything else, always tag the brands you like, because you never know who’s watching. 

In just the last few weeks, I’ve been sent a half-case each of seltzer from Stewart’s and the Hard Rock Cafe, as well as three massive bags of fine chocolate from Awake, which laces each bite with 50 mg of caffeine. Both of these items have proven quite useful in my day job, which today is writing a column about some really cool cannabis accessories I got in the mail, not even an hour ago, at this writing. It started with an email from one Ellie Bloom, representing Michele Marie PR in New York. (It’s always nice to get love from NYC—sooo validating!) She wanted to let me know about a new line of products from Session Goods. 

She asked if I was interested in checking out a few samples, and I said “absolutely.” Because I am a professional. The box was on my doorstep within a week, and the goodies are now scattered in front of me as I type. The one-hitter is $22—cute, clean, clear, easy-breezy, with a silicone tab to protect your fingers, although the glass is so thick, it’s not really a concern. 

I also got a couple of their newest items, Stash Pods made of hard translucent plastic, about an inch long. These allow you to carry small nubbins of bud with you; I’d suggest grinding it up in advance, and then just dipping your one-hitter in. Now, if you’re more into spliffs, joints or blunts, they have a Stash Tube that’s four inches long, which you will find as indispensable as anything four inches long can ever be. There’s nothing worse than having a pre-roll break in your pocket or purse, and you don’t know until the moment you need it. All of these gimmicks can attach to your keychain, but I would advise against that.

My favorite part of the package, however, was the designer “Cloud” pipe ($48), a beautiful conical masterpiece of frosted white borosilicate glass. It comes with a silicone sleeve that allows you to carry a fresh packed bowl anywhere without having to worry about weed or ash falling out into your briefcase or fanny pack. They really did think of everything, as far as maximizing the experience. In a market so heavily saturated, aesthetics are key.

This was just the tip (so to speak) of the proverbial iceberg, as Session Goods carries a whole array of items online. Their signature item is Bong. It is a bong (hence, the name), available in any of eight different colors at $185 each. All their pipes are made of 4mm-thick borosilicate glass; they’re not indestructible, but it would take deliberate effort to break any of their stuff. It also has a sleek design with inset bowl, and a silicone footer for durability and ease of use, as well as two extra bowls, a backup downstem, cleaning caps and a mouth cover.

They don’t sell cannabis, just accessories, which makes their products safe to ship to all 50 states and most Western countries. They sell stems and bowls, large and small, as well as things like mouth covers for pipes and cleaning kits. This is nice, because hygiene in the pandemic era is a priority, a priori, plus if you’re gonna pay money for high-end bongs and such, you should take care of your stuff. They also sell an ashtray and a gorgeous little stash jar ($48 each), the latter of which is probably my favorite item in the whole line.

Also, since these items are for smoking cannabis, Session went ahead and curated a Spotify playlist corresponding to different moods. They also offer free shipping on your first order, and a whole rewards program for frequent shoppers. And that is something you will likely become, one you check them out for yourselves. You can even pay in installments. Just remember to tag them on social media, and tell them I sent you!


About Shelton Hull

Shelton Hull has been writing for Folio Weekly since 1997, but his resume goes back even further. He has written for almost every newspaper, magazine and zine in Northeast Florida, as well as publications like Orlando Weekly, Narrow GNV, Creative Loafing Tampa, Charleston City Paper, Ink19 and The Atlantic. He currently writes the "Folio Weed" column, which he created in 2018; he remains one of the widest-read and most influential cannabis writers in the world today. He also compiles material for "Weird Wild Stuff" column, and he previously wrote the legendary "Money Jungle" column for Folio Weekly from 1999 to 2009. He is a regular contributor to "First Coast Connect" on WJCT, as well as the Jacksonville Music Experience. He is a co-host of "The Contrast Project" and the "Bold City Civics" podcast. He is also a co-founder of the record label Bold City Music Productions. He can be reached at [email protected].