Thanksgiving Horoscopes


The full moon Lunar eclipse on November 8th was a sign of financial gain for you, Aries. You may be facing difficulties in your work-life but don’t fret, November will bring clarity and cash. Just in time for a Christmas shopping spree! It is time to put all of your energy into your work, for it will pay off soon enough. 

Thanksgiving Food: Sweet potato casserole. Yum! 



Uh oh Taurus, seems like drama is in the air for you this month. But don’t let it get to you! If you stick to what (and who) you know and focus on yourself, by the end of the month you will feel brand new. Lean into your Venusian side with candle-lit bubble baths and calming face masks. Most importantly, steer clear of the usual Thanksgiving dinner family feud. 

Thanksgiving Food: Dinner rolls



Scorpio season is a very busy time for you, Gemini. New friendships and relationships are on the horizon. It is time to put that feisty side at bay and see what the universe has to offer. With all of these new faces, don’t lose sight of who really matters, you. The full moon Lunar eclipse in early November will leave lasting effects. Prioritize your sleep, lord knows you need it. 

Thanksgiving Food: Vegan mashed potatoes. 



It’s time to bring out your snappers and protective shell, Cancer. This month we’ve got another chaotic eclipse coming your way that may rock the boat, but you have survived them before and will survive this one. As long as you have your friends by your side, the ship won’t sink.

Thanksgiving Food: Cranberry Sauce. 



You’ll be quite the wildcard this month, Leo. The two back-to-back Lunar eclipses have brought a hurricane of cosmic energy your way. Think rationally in November. Your mind may seem jumbled, but take this time to put all this energy into something worthwhile. Pick up that journal you’ve been telling yourself you’ll start using. 

Thanksgiving Food: Hot cider



Lucky you Virgo, you survived last month’s rollercoaster of emotions. But life isn’t fair and with the Lunar eclipse on Nov. 8th, you may be left feeling lost and paranoid. While it may be wise to stay home and take some much-needed downtime this month, don’t exclude yourself too much. Everyonce in a while, it’s okay to be in the spotlight! 

Thanksgiving Food: Stuffing.



November may have started off with a rocky start, Libra. But as Mars’ energy shifts from aggressiveness to passive, it’s time to kick back and relax. With the eclipse out of the way, you may find yourself buying flower bouquets and listening to Taylor Swift. Delve into all things love and by the end of the month, you’ll be glowing.

Thanksgiving Food: Pumpkin Pie.



‘Tis the season, Scorpio! You are a sexual powerhouse this November. (And every November) This month is all about pleasing you. Embrace the inner pillow princess. The two Lunar eclipses in Scorpio bring a high tide of lustful energy your way; don’t shy away. Your relationships prove to be bountiful. This is the one month of the year when it’s acceptable to text your ex. Just be wary of which one. 

Thanksgiving Food: Turkey. (Obviously! You’re the main dish.) 



Happy Birthday, Sags! Put on your party hats and get to celebrating! While this month may be busy with all the cosmic events, as long as you focus on yourself, you will have nothing to worry about. Let your friends do all the planning while you sip on some warm apple cider and cozy up to your boo. 

Thanksgiving Food: Gravy



Tsk tsk, Capricorn. You’ve been busy, haven’t you? You are coming up on a much-needed self-care splurge. It is easy for you to put yourself last, but not this month. The full moon Lunar eclipse calls on you to slow down and take a breath. Your social circle will revolve around you as the sun, Mercury, and Venus travel through Scorpio. This cosmic climate is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

Thanksgiving Food: Charcuterie board 



The stars have a lot planned for you this month, Aquarius. Still, despite all the good things coming your way, you may be feeling a bit aggressive this month. As they say, think before you speak. Sometimes it’s necessary to start a fight, other times it’s best to lock yourself in your room and watch your favorite TV show (AKA Gilmore Girls). 

Thanksgiving Food: Red Wine.



Scorpio season tends to be a rocky one for you, Pisces. Much like every November, juicy secrets will be revealed. The celestial energy begins to shift once Venus makes its way into Sagittarius on November 15th, followed by Mercury two days later. Keep your circle tight this month. Now is the perfect time to host that girls’/boys’ night you’ve been putting off. 

Thanksgiving Food: Green bean casserole.