November Horoscopes 2022

By Ambar Ramirez and Carmen Macri 


Mars being your ruling planet causes something particularly powerful this November. This Mars retrograde is slamming on the brakes for you, Aries. Now is the time to slow down and self reflect. Take this time to deeply explore your relationship with the physical world… If you know what I mean. 



The beginning of the month may put a damper on your mood, Taurus. But do not fret for the energy you give others is the same energy you will receive. Focus on the good and you will start to see that light at the end of the tunnel that everybody is always talking about. 



Sweet, sweet Gemini. This Mars retrograde calls on you to reflect on how you can express your passion and anger in a way that others can receive. You do not always need to be on the defensive. You may find yourself feeling irate during this shift, but take that energy and turn it into something else. Deep dive into your creative side this month. 


All that hard work and planning is going to pay off for you this month, Cancer. You may find yourself spending more than usual, but that’s because you will be earning more! Go on a shopping spree and treat yourself, you’ve earned it.



It may sound crazy, but you need to take some time to recharge. It doesn’t need to be go, go, go all the time, Leo. The lunar eclipse in Taurus on Nov. 8 will be a grounding time for you. Reflect on who and what you are putting your energy into; not everything or everyone deserves it. 



Oh, Virgo, you’ve heard it before but now is the time to actually listen. You may be finding yourself with a lot more work on your plate this month, which is all the more reason to prioritize yourself and your mental health. Put on that face mask, close the blinds, and take a break!



Last month proved to be fruitful for you, Libra. But as the leaves begin to change color, so do the stars’ plans for you. This month is all about money and work. Use your loving nature to your advantage and show the same compassion you show others in your work for it will pay off big time!



It smells like Scorpio season! Jump at any opportunity that comes your way; it is <your> month after all. November brings a great feeling of ambition for you. That being said, don’t dive solely into your work. The lunar eclipse this month calls on you to embrace intimacy. Lord knows how hard that is for you. Don’t shy away from it, though. You’ll be surprised by what you may find.



When opportunity knocks on your door, you answer it, Sagittarius! Cliche sayings are cliche for a reason. Take a risk and look your fears right in the face, you won’t regret it. If you didn’t get a chance to pack a suitcase and catch a flight out of the country last month, an opportunity at the end of this month may just give you that chance.



It’s time to heal that inner child, Capricorn. The celestial energy this month will challenge you to take off that mask and embrace your feelings. Gross, right? How you spend your time this month is important. Surround yourself with the ones who love you. Go play in the rain. Jump in a puddle. Do whatever you need to do to put a smile on that pretty face. 



After all that hard work last month, the time has come to work on yourself, Aquarius. The globe keeps spinning, but that doesn’t mean you have to as well. Dedicate time out of your busy schedule to do the things you love. Read a book, go to the beach, grab a drink with friends, and most importantly have fun!  



AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! You’ll understand soon enough, Pisces. The Mars retrograde and lunar eclipse may be working against you this month. That does not mean you can’t climb up from the ashes. Don’t fold under this celestial power trip the universe is on. Rise above the stars, Pisces. It may be difficult, but you can do it. By the end of the month, you may be due for a vacation… a long one.