Catching Up With Paula Cole

Words by Rob Nicholson 


Paula Cole was literally plucked from obscurity in 1993 by Peter Gabriel when she replaced Sinead O’Connor on the 1993-94 Secret World Tour. Since then, she’s been a multi-Grammy winner in various categories including Singer/Performer, Songwriter and Producer. Paula was an instrumental part of the team that put together and toured with The Lilith Fair and Cole has been on the voice faculty at Berklee College of Music while continuing an active performing career. In anticipation of her Concert on November 20th with Sophie B. Hawkins at the Thrasher-Horne Center, after twenty years since they last spoke, Paula caught up with Folio’s Rob Nicholson to Catch up. 

To watch the interview, click here.


About Rob Nicholson

Rob started his media career in the late 80’s working in the Press Office at the Georgia House of Representatives. From there, Rob segued in to Radio at The Voice of Georgia State University, WRAS Album 88.5 in Atlanta. In the early 90’s Rob was picked up by the Radio 2000 Group and became Program Director and later Vice President of Programming USA. In the late 90’s, while running 3 music-driven radio stations in Springfield, Missouri, Rob had the opportunity to put together and launch, Southwest Missouri’s Regional Periodical, 417 Magazine. A publication that is still in circulation today. After selling his interests in Radio 2000 in the early 2000’s, Rob returned to his hometown of Jacksonville Beach, Florida to be near family. For 10 years he worked with the Clear Channel Radio Stations: Planet Radio and KISS-FM. In 2010, Rob took a hiatus from radio and went in to concert promotion and event planning, while also running the now 30 year old Beaches Hospitality Network – the organization that is well known for bringing the Superbowl, 2004 to the beaches area. When presented with the opportunity to work with Folio Weekly Magazine, Rob said, “there was no way I could resist an opportunity to work with the local, independent news magazine in the city I’m from. I can’t wait to get to work every morning”. Rob currently resides in North Jax Beach with his brother, Rich and dog, Tonka.