Concept for the end of the election in the USA with torn and scratched campaign buttons on glass

The Magnitude of the 26th Amendment

Words by Ariel Rademyer

 Voting facilitates expression for the people. Serving as a vital and core attribute of the United States of America, selecting government officials is our nation’s blessing. We, the people, hold the power to make our voices heard on a larger scale.

On July 1st, 1971, the United States Federal Government ratified the 26th amendment, granting the right for 18-year-olds to vote in elections. Voting allows for a change in communities; whether this alteration includes a different direction for the workforce departments or education, voters dictate their future. Particularly, 18-year-olds can elect candidates who implement beliefs prevalent to their generation. The rising generation may now determine their destiny.

Before registering to vote, all voters should take the time to investigate potential candidates. These prospects should satisfactorily represent a voter’s ideology: their stance on education, business, taxes, social issues, climate change, etc. Monitoring various news outlets fulfills this responsibility and aids voters in knowing their community’s or party’s candidates. By doing so, voters have the possible chance to have a representative that voices their desires for their neighbourhood.

Florida’s eighteen-year-olds can begin this process through online registration on Florida’s election website. All Florida residents, who are United States citizens, and non-convicted felons, are eligible for this opportunity. Simply enter Florida’s election website into the browser and submit your information for further instruction. The online registration deadline is Tuesday, October 11th, 2022. Additionally, rising voters may alternatively choose to register in person or by mail. The in-person or mail deadline is Tuesday, October 11th, 2022.

Moreover, students of at least 16 years are even eligible for preregistering if they are United States citizens, legal residents of the county, and legal residents within the state of Florida.

With the upcoming midterm election, our rising generation must register to vote in the forthcoming Florida midterm election today. Every vote makes an impact. Let your voice be heard. Be the generation to establish equitable change.