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Words by Ambar Ramirez and Carmen Macri



The spooky season is upon us. It is time to embrace that inner monster, Aries: Don’t let it remain dormant! Howl at the full moon! It’s calling your name as it rises and sets in Aries on Oct. 9. Let the celestial energy guide you to make the changes you’ve been dying to make. Nothing can stop you.

Halloween Costume Idea: Sexy Frankenstein (Sorry, guys) 



Embrace your inner queen and/or king, Taurus! Make sure you are honoring your inner love and royalty by treating yourself this season. Even the most successful people need their beauty sleep. You may experience a burst of motivation mid-October/ Put that energy into all your relationships as it will pay off.

Halloween Costume Idea: Queen Elizabeth II, zombie style



Mars retrogrades in Gemini this October, so let that power wash over you. Don’t be afraid to unleash the beast. The seas are parting for you during this mercurial moonwalk; guiding you toward the clarity you seek. Just put one foot in front of the other, Gemini. Questions will be answered and relationships will be mended. 

Halloween Costume Idea: Ghost Face



You are pumpkin spice and everything nice this month, Cancer! Now is the time to make your dreams come true, so get to work! While you sip your favorite Starbucks drink, make a mood board and plan out your goals. Though the season can be a bit scary, don’t let fear hold you back. This is what dreams are made of!

Halloween Costume Idea: Lizzie McGuire in Rome




Leo, Leo, Leo… This month is your time to shine! Stop focusing on the superficial and start focusing on that fire burning inside. No need for an extinguisher. October calls for you to embrace yourself, flaws and all. This energy shift is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Don’t take no for an answer.

Halloween Costume Idea: The Cowardly Lion from <The Wizard of Oz> (duh.) 



Being the planner you are, Virgo, you are the most prepared for fall of everyone you know. That said, it’s OK to step back every once in a while, and let the universe do the work for you. When Mars in Gemini challenges Pisces in Neptune on Oct.11, you may feel a bit of paranoia, but don’t let other people’s perceptions define you. You are the master of your own faith.

Halloween Costume Idea: Sherlock Holmes



You love love, Libra, and love loves you! After Mercury retrograde last month, you may be feeling a bit down in the dumps. Remember that everything happens for a reason, even those embarrassing texts to your ex are leading you to bigger and better things. This month, embrace the beauty of life and embrace the beauty within yourself! 

Halloween Costume Idea: Cupid



The monsters come out at night, don’t they, Scorpio? It is time for you to finally bite back. The full moon in Aries is calling on you to have a serious makeover montage. Prioritize yourself for once and realize you don’t need to please everyone you meet. Sometimes it’s best to show your fangs, at least every once in a while.

Halloween Costume Idea: Dracula




Embrace your wild side Sagittarius! This month will prove to be less stressful so take advantage of the new-found peace and let loose a bit. Being the sign of travel and higher learning, you do best when trying something new. Go out of your comfort zone and let the fire within you burn bright!

Halloween Costume Idea: Indiana Jones.




I bet you are excited for this month you little party animal. You love control, but maybe it’s time to take a step back and let the co-pilot take the wheel. This month is the best time for you to relax and drink a six-pack. Give yourself a minute to breathe and embrace the holiday glamour. You’re not too cool for Halloween costumes.

Halloween Costume Idea: Corn on the cob



Now is the time to let your inner alien shine, Aquarius! Before blasting off on your spaceship of visions, take the time to focus on yourself and bring your out-of-the-box ideas to life. The pressure in outerspace could be a bit suffocating, so take a break from social media and take that much-needed nature walk.

Halloween Costume Idea: Monochrome alien




Knock-knock… Something (or someone) is knocking on your door, but don’t be afraid to answer. It’s time for you to get out of that little head of yours. It can’t be that cozy in there. You deserve to be seen and the world is ready! Cosmic energy is pushing you to embrace a brand-new perspective. Don’t shy away, Pisces.

Halloween Costume Idea: A butterfly