October Horoscopes


The romantic tides are shifting and it is up to you whether you seize the day. Be on the lookout for the full moon in Aries Oct. 9 as it brings internal and external lustful developments. Be wary though, sweet Aries, this may be an overwhelming time for you. Take control of what you want. You will surprise many with your romantic disposition, including yourself.



Ruled by the planet of love, beauty and money, you do best when taking time for yourself. Consider what a perfectionist you are, now is the time to detach from stressful projects and delve into ones that make you happy. This month will be full of love and peace, specifically Oct. 22 and 25 as long as you make the space for it. Take yourself on a date or go to the spa;  just take a break!



Your October horoscope brings the party—and the drama. Are you surprised? Mars retrogrades in Gemini this month; it’s your time to go buck wild. This energy shift might be a bit overstimulating for some so, <try> to keep a level head. Allow yourself to step back and take a breath during your Mercurial moonwalk. And remember, you’re not <always> right.



As a water sign ruled by the moon, your emotions can take quick control over your actions much like the moon does to the tides. Now is the time to take back control over your life and make your dreams come to fruition. Buy an agenda and get to planning, Cancer! This is also a good time to find joy and comfort within your vulnerability, so if you find yourself on a hot date, don’t let fear guide you.



Put down the mirror, Leo. There is a very fine line between confidence and cockiness. October will push you to grow mentally and spiritually, but don’t fold under the pressure. Roads may be blocked on your upcoming path so, it’s time to kick it into high gear. Focus less on what you’re good at and more on what needs improvement. You are only as strong as your greatest weakness. Ouch!



Not everything has a logical explanation, Virgo, and that’s OK! Take your hands off the wheel for a second and allow the universe to guide you. Financially, this looks like a good month for you, and you might even find yourself with a new job. But money and physical things aren’t the most important things in life. It will serve you well to focus on building and strengthening relationships as those can last a lifetime.



Love is in the air! You may find yourself putting others before you and even giving your love to those who don’t deserve it. Put on your sunnies and avoid the blinding power of love. Instead, give yourself the tenderness and sentimentality you tend to give to others. Most of all, stop to smell the roses and romanticize your life. This month, you are the main character.



Show them what you’re made of, Scorpio! You are a wildcard this month. It is time to start focusing more on yourself and less on what people think of you. No sign is better suited for a makeover montage than you. The full moon in Aries is calling on you to prioritize your well-being, that being said, LEAVE AQUARIUS MEN ALONE! When will you learn?



Let your fiery side shine this month, Sagittarius. You may be finding yourself in a time of big changes. Whether it’s with friends, lovers or your career, change isn’t always bad … but it is always necessary. Stand your ground and take back your power!




You need a drink. Or two. You don’t always need to be in control, Capricorn. It is time for you to take a chill pill and sit in the passenger seat for once. Take a minute to strategize your next move; think with your head and not your heart. Pay close attention to your spending habits this month. Retail therapy is not <always> the answer.



As a visionary, you may find those visions coming to life this month … as long as you don’t hold yourself back. Be like the air that rules you and let your creativity flow, Aquarius! Once you break down the internal walls you’ve built, it will allow for others and yourself to see your potential. Put on your favorite sweater and get to work on that mood board you’ve been putting off for months.



The clarity and closure you yearn for are making their way to you. Cosmic energy is pushing you to own a brand-new perspective this month. Allow yourself to see how much you are cared for. You may have been feeling overshadowed recently, but things are looking up. Something (or someone) is knocking on your door, Pisces. Don’t be afraid to answer.