Dear Dumbs,

My wife of 12 years had an old boyfriend reach out to her on Facebook. They exchanged pleasantries and got caught up on one another’s lives. I had and still have zero problem with that. However, I think the conversation is still going and that it may be at a level I’m not comfortable with.

I need to know if I should say something. I resist because I don’t want to look like a jealous husband. But my gut tells me something is going on.


Atlantic Beach

TERRY: Oh, the powers of social media.

SHARI: Well, “Chris,” you’ve come to the right place. This just recently happened to us. An old boyfriend of mine found me in hopes of reuniting.

TERRY: Oh, that’s right. Hey, you gotta shoot your shot. But I think you handled it well. Or did you? LOL

SHARI: Ha! Yes, I sent him packing.

TERRY: Yes. You told me all about it, which on one hand I appreciated and on the other hand, I wanted to send him packing the “Terry way.”

SHARI: In your case, “Chris,” my guess is that your gut is right and that there is still some form of communication going on.

TERRY: And that puts “Chris” in a tough position. To give it too much attention you look like you’re jealous and worst of all, it looks like you don’t trust your wife to do the right thing.

SHARI: I think if you calmly approach her and tell her if she’s still in communication that it makes you feel uncomfortable. You won’t look jealous, you just look like a husband.

TERRY: Yes, you need to talk to her about it “Chris.” Plus you need to see her face when you do. You’ll be able to tell if she’s full of crap by her body language.

SHARI: That or she has to poop.

TERRY: Let’s stay focused here. My man’s heart is breaking.

SHARI: Yes, it has to be dealt with.

TERRY: I wish we could help you more. But the truth is that your wife has to either cease communication with him because she wants to or become another social media statistic.