On a warm, sunny, morning last month, I was all set up at my desk to do a Zoom interview with country music superstar Lee Brice. The clock struck 10, then 10:01,10:02 and finally 10:06. This was strange to me as there is usually a handler involved who communicates with me first and then puts the artist on. They aren’t generally late with these calls as typically I’m not the only one waiting to do an interview. This morning was different.

I looked down at my muted phone and saw that “Nashville” was calling. I picked up the phone and said, “Hello, this is Rob.” The voice on the other end said, “Is this Rob Nicholson with Folio?”. I said, “Yes, it is”. He said, “Rob, this is Lee Brice. I know we have an interview this morning, but I’ve somehow lost the link.” Brice, who was calling from his farm near Nashville, was handling his own publicity this morning, as he wanted to get out in the field to hang out with his kids.

When you look at Brice’s tour schedule, you’ll see that he’ll meet his tour on a Wednesday or Thursday of a given week and play through until Saturday or Sunday. Then he will fly home to his family for a couple of days during each week. In the attached video interview, you will see how Lee walks the tight rope of balancing a very successful career with home and family.

Lee Brice will be at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre on Aug. 12 and he’s bringing Michael Ray (married to Carly Pearce) and is touring on his hit song “Whiskey and Rain” as well as 21-year-old Jackson Dean, who is touring on his wildly successful debut hit song, “Don’t Come Lookin” which is featured in the smash hit television show 1883.

When listening to and watching Lee Brice perform, I’d always thought that he must be a really nice guy in the country music industry. After meeting him and talking to him, he is.

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