August Horoscopes


Happy birthday, babe! It wouldn’t be your season without a bit of drama. Looks like this month will hold some intensity for you. You’ll face some challenges at work. Make sure to keep a level head and use self-restraint in handling things. A hot temper could make things worse.


You’ll get some residual drama from your neighbor, Leo. Your difficulties will probably play out with friends or other close relationships. This hiccup will quickly pass to reveal a mellow month.


August will see a positive shift in how you carry yourself. Those around you will notice your care and good intentions. Take this time to forge new bonds or strengthen old ones. Say yes to social invites.


Yikes, things are not looking good in the relationship department this month. If you’re not in a romantic relationship, maybe put off starting one until the stars have cleared up. If you do have a partner, try to avoid major conflict and keep things relaxed and loving. If any issues arise, set a later time to address them.


While you’ve felt a positive change in the way you perceive yourself, you’re anxious others don’t feel the same. Taking inventory of your life has punctured your confidence. Put on some rose- colored glasses and remember how far you’ve come; you’re moving in the right direction.


The beginning of the month will see some major change for you. Whether it’s newfound creativity or stress in your relationships, it’s up to you to control the outcome. Will you crack under the pressure or make an opportunity to grow?


The theme this August is disruption and that’s no different for you, Aquarius. With so many planets involved, it’s difficult to predict how things will play out. Embrace your airy nature and don’t fight against the change headed your way.


This chaotic month all signs should lay low, but especially you, Pisces. Be a homebody and create some comfortable rituals. Read, journal, binge some Netflix? Just make sure not to let your emotions get the best of you in communication.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


It’s a good time to lay the groundwork for some long-term growth. Slow but steady, start to further embrace your creative side. You can lean into the idealistic version of yourself you want to be.


You’ll be busy trying to maintain some sense of stability. Your home is a reflection of yourself. It’s within reason to want your space to be an oasis. Take the time to set up a comfortable and relaxing environment, and your mental health will see the benefit.


In August, you’ll experience newfound inspiration to achieve your goals. Whether it be work or a hobby, you’ll have the energy and sustained focus to see a project through. Take advantage!


Relationship drama is headed your way. Don’t try to be pragmatic, but remain upfront and steadfast in your beliefs. You want the people around you to make you better. If they don’t encourage you to hold integrity in living your beliefs, it’s OK to let them go.