Dear Dumbs,

I really wish you guys would do a few shows a week. I love your insight but what I really love is hearing about your day to day life. Your love for one another and your acceptance for your individual quirks is beyond couple goals.

I have an issue. For once it’s not with my husband. It’s my sister. She has a great dog, and it’s with her 24/7. I feel as though her relationship with this dog is a little strange to say the least. When she comes over for dinner she lets the dog lick her plate when she’s finished. That’s just gross, and it’s my dinner plate. She lets this dog shove its tongue down her throat, which is gross. She showers with this dog which is gross and creepy. I hate to think what else happens behind closed doors.

I have expressed my displeasure about the plate licking, but she doesn’t care. Should I say something about all the other strange antics?

Donna W.

Orange Park


TERRY: Hey, at least your husband is off the hook on this one. #teamhusband

SHARI: Whoa, this is crazy, Donna. You’re a bigger person than me. I’d probably stop inviting her to my house for dinner. And if I were you, I wouldn’t offer to dog sit. Who knows what the dog expects from you?!

TERRY: Ewwww, Shari. Let’s get on track here. It sounds like you are a little like me, Donna. I’m not a big fan of confrontation with loved ones. In this case, I think it’s time to talk to her about the plate licking. The other stuff is just in Shari’s fantasy.

SHARI: It’s totally possible, Terry. I’m just warning Donna to keep the peanut butter in the pantry.

TERRY: OK, obviously we could joke about this all day. Seriously, Donna, you have to tell her no more plate licking at your house. Time to set some boundaries here.

SHARI: Yeah, yeah, yeah, boundaries. Donna, tell her to either stop the dog from licking your plates, or you’ll not be inviting her to your house again. Or tell her to leave the dog at home. This definitely gives a new meaning to “dog lover.”

TERRY: You really have to, Donna. No joke here. The opened mouth kissing, as well as the showering and the unproven allegations are bigger asks.

SHARI: Truly, what she does behind closed doors is no one’s business.

TERRY: You’ve received your marching orders, Donna. Lay down the rules in your house. Be calm and let her know how much it bothers you. I don’t expect this to go smoothly. But time will pass, and she may do the right thing. Please let us know how this goes and call the podcast. Shari obviously has some more questions for you.


august, 2022