June Horoscopes

Kales Boucher


Happy Gemini season! Now more than ever, be honest with yourself. It’s OK to be a little blunt with others as you share this honesty. Remember your values, though, and let them guide your truth.


You’re feeling a little tired and stuck. Don’t worry, it’s just your cue to take a little break. It’s summer after all; give yourself a little early birthday vacay.


It feels like as soon as you start to feel comfortable in your day to day life, you start to question everything. It’s OK to re-evaluate periodically, but don’t be scared of stability. Hard truth: you can’t be the star alllll the time so you need to be cool with average-Joeness (being Kevin) sometimes.


Harboring a crush is your favorite pastime. There’s nothing like pretending you’re the main character in a rom-com to add some extra something to your day, but don’t let daydreams interrupt your focus on your own life trajectory.


Later in the month, you’re on the books for some major self reflection. In anticipation, start stretching those mindfulness muscles. Ask open-ended questions to those around you. Try to get a sense of the distance between what you intend to convey to others and what they’re actually getting from you.


Feeling restless and unfulfilled, you may find it time to cut the ties holding you back. This isn’t to say you should drop everyone you find annoying this month. Instead, root out truly toxic situations you’re best off leaving behind.


Articulation and persuasion: definitely strengths of yours. Knowing your audience: eh, not so much. Remember no one is going to listen if you come off insensitive. Kindness is a skill to implement not just a feeling toward others.


Money, an imaginary number on a screen but with real life consequences. Recently, it hasn’t really been in your favor. You could seek better financial literacy or reject it all and live in the woods until wages are livable. (My vote, the latter.)


You’ve been putting in the hours at work. Maybe peel your eyes from the computer screen and invest some energy elsewhere. Join your Cap friends and run away to the forest.


You may be having difficulty adjusting from the softness of spring to a scorching summer. Focus on maintaining your compassion and eye for growth. You’ll rediscover your power quickly.


Gearing up to pursue some major goals, you’ll feel a spark of motivation and sustained determination come this June…if you don’t burn yourself out. In order to achieve the slow and steady pace, balance your efforts with social time.


Your professional life is feeling scattered and complicated. Instead of forcing your way through the tangle with intense rationalization, tune in to your emotional needs and desires. Let your subconscious guide you and things will come with ease.