Every Body Talks

Everyday medical corporations are telling the public what the right decisions are to healing one’s body. While medicine has saved millions of lives, sometimes listening first to what the body is saying is just as beneficial.

Here in Jacksonville, advanced therapists at Jasmine Advanced Bodywork and Healing Center are interpreting what the body needs most. With both owners having impressive backgrounds in massage therapy, it’s safe to say that they are masters of understanding what the body needs.

“We want to make [clients] understand that this work is important, and it’s changing people’s lives. It’s beneficial, it’s helpful, and it’s probably the missing puzzle [piece] in a lot of ways,” said co-owner and massage therapist Sheila Jasmine. “We want to tell the body to turn around. We educate the body. We support and hear [clients] in ways that they need, that they don’t get everywhere else.”

Jasmine Advanced Bodywork and Healing Center owners Chad and Sheila Jasmine both have over a decade of experience. For Chad, he will soon be surpassing 20 years of dedication. Chad’s work has been channeled through everyday people and on professional athletes including Jacksonville Jaguars players, only proving that his skills should be felt and seen.

“When I’m working on somebody, I don’t feel like I’m working. Whatsoever,” said Chad.

When speaking with Chad, there is pure excitement and passion when he talks about the different treatments and possibilities for healing the body. Sheila radiates warmth, empathy and understanding. When opening those doors, clients will feel heard. Mentally and physically.

Chad and Sheila Jasmine are not only partners at Jasmine Advanced Bodywork and Healing Center but partners in life, in love with each other and the need to help people heal from the inside. Adept with so much knowledge, they further their passion for healing through gatherings and classes that create real relationships with those who participate.

“We learn so much of each other because of all that stuff we talk about. Sometimes I don’t tell [Sheila] how much she’s taught me, but she really has,” said Chad.

Even working at Jasmine Advanced Bodywork and Healing Center is a delight. The Jasmines want other massage therapists to feel rejuvenated and ready to work. To heal others, you must be giving positive energy as well.

“We create an environment for the people that work here to not be overworked, which is what corporations do to individuals,” said Sheila. “How can they be good for a client, how can they be good to help other people, if they are overworked or strained? We want to be a group of advanced therapists and to be well established. We are big on self-care.” said Sheila.

Teamwork and communication is vital to the staff. Not just for them, but for their clients as well. If a therapist is working on their client and feels another therapist may be better suited to treat them based on their experience and skills, they discuss it with the client.

“Our place is for people to remain on the upbeat and to know that if they treat their bodies pristinely and take care of their bodies, their bodies are going to find a way to heal,” said Sheila. “We feel that the knowledge, the information, the skills, everything that we have, and the work that we do is vital. It’s an important part of people’s healing and getting better.”

We live in a world, where many are taught that a pill can cure the pain. Jasmine Advanced Bodywork and Healing Center teaches clients that selfcare alone can do more.

“That’s mainly what we are doing. We are doing body work and then hoping that people can come to grips with not just relying on the system,” said Chad. “We want to offer a center to get healthy an alternative way.”

This is a place for all. A place to get energy work, clinical and/or medicinal massages. Not only for adults, but for children and canines. This is a place to guide you to what you need.

“If you want to be moved by the work and then take it to new levels, you know, physically mentally, emotionally, all that stuff, you choose body work that is going to move you,” said Chad.

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